Catching Up Thomas/Uber Cup 2008 Live!

Some thought

okay, the first double and second has lost their grips. usually, in malaysia culture, especially in sport industry, after thomas/user cup 2008, as usual you will see some coach coaches is are leaving the squad soon 😉

on top of that, i am quite disappointed on first double performance, they could have perform better, too many mistakes, it might be too nervous? but, this is not their first international game! they got to re-evaluate what mistakes they have done.

I am stuck in Allen Management training with SoGua, what a waste cannot catch Thomas/Uber Cup 2008 Live! on TV. Good thing is provides Live! result, Malaysia Lee Chong Wei is leading now, hope it goes all the to 21 pts and crack Lin Dan down… Watch Thomas/Uber Cup 2008 Live! here.

go go Malaysia… the double better perform today 😉