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AIMS’ Malaysia’s Telecommunications Hub

I am tired with having my server in TMNet Netmyne. The server connection having intermittent problem since evening until night. I have wrote complaint email to TMNet Netmyne data center but there is not reply from them until now, today.

I really hate with their “come if you like, go if you don’t” attitude. I have made my decision, move my servers to awarded Best Data Centre Service Provider of the year in MalaysiaAIMS (Applied Information Management Services).

No more headache. Beside that, I would like to make an announcement here. Server will be down/unstable during moving to new data centre – AIMS.

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難怪, 這幾天的網速慢的要命!!
媽的! 網速超慢但錢卻照收!!
沒辦法呀! 咱們的IT事業還是第九流的水準. 但也比非洲等落後國家好! Ha. 🙂
以前還老是看不起滿腔中文的傢伙, 其實自己(X焦人)是最笨與落後的也不懂.
Ha Ha …:D.

Jaring VS AIMS, which one more better?

Actually Order dedicated server from exabytes and they colocated at TMnet, is it right?

when server down, or network problem is it TMnet data center problem Not Tmnet streamyx problem and exabytes problem?

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