Telekom Bil screwed up?

I think Telekom Malaysia telephone bil(ls) are screwed up or something. Maybe database got hacked? SQL Injection?

Hehehe.. Check out the telephone bil(l)…our office telephone bil(l) RM40k+ and one of my colleague(s) bill is RM2k+.. .they are like… WTF 😛

I can’t imagine if people using credit card AUTOPAY.. else, your dad or mom will come to screw you, ask what you did to the house telephone…

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  1. fyi bill cycle for 19th september has error.Just ignore the ADSL charge. TM will reprint the bill and u will get it by next week hopefully.

    As for autopay, none will be charge with the incorrect bill.

    All you need to pay is the CAJ PANGGILAN . Otehr than that, just ignore.

  2. come on.. sometimes this innocent ppl was just another victim of a so-called hacker/pranker who actually made use of the backdoors via trojan reside inside their victim (regardless of where they cama from, as long as they are prone to trojan attack).. after that, this so-called hacker will be in total control of their victim’s modem ..and dial a long distance IDD call via internet.. either for voice conversation or merely sex-chat via internetphone.. and what the outcome? the tales of a thousands bills.. and etc etc… never ending story.

    One solution, seriously.. tmnet xblocker.. try it

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