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Telekom Malaysia, You are always SUCK!

Telekom Malaysia, you are always suck! Although you used 8/9million for rebranding, you are still SUCK, SUCK all the time. You suck my money and time. Listen, Telekom Management, use 8 million to get better hardware, not painting stupid car, invoice, t-shirt, uniform and bla bla bla..

My previous post, I went to register a new phone. The Telekom Contractor came to install the line and phone, respond is fast.. Bravo to the contractor…

But the telephone cannot be activated, he said Telekom Server down.. OK, I assume it down for 24 hours. Yesterday, my phone line still not activated, I called again.. They said server still down, but in the end…

Until yesterday morning, my phone line is activated, but only can call in but cannot call out. Ok.. I give them one more day, this morning I called again.. Asking what the hell is happening with the 8/9million rebranded company. The contractor is so helpful, he helps me to check… OK, bloody hell.. The server still down, he also piss off with the Telekom Cheap Server, because he also get scold/fuck by the French people who also registered a phone line.

Telekom Malaysia, you are serious of providing phone to us? I paid you the money, but what services you give me? Server down more than 48 hours? Or your worker is sleeping? Or you cannot get people to fix the server?

Hahaha, now French people will also laugh out loud at your 8/9million rebranded company.. Wondering you spend 8/9 million rebrand or 1/2 of the rebranding $$$ is in somewhere?

Kamu tahu apa itu malu kah boss? Hang ni main main saje atau buat business ni.. celaka betul

The 8/9million rebranded thingy. Kanasai!

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Seriously, malaysia government should do some internal change for effectiveness rather than spending money to promote your service.

Good Service – Automatic Advertising

Advertising with Bad Service – Constant Complaint

Last itme, I used tmnet. Service was so bad. They always say your logon name or password wrong. They’re never wrong. I switched to Jaring. But still Jaring have to use TM lines (as I understand), and surfing was a real CRAWL but at least I get something. Last week suddenly for 4 days I couldn’t get connected langsung. So now I switched to Streamyx. Which is giving me new nightmares. Cannot get connection also!!! Throwing good money after bad. Looks like rebranding is only wasting $$$.

Yeah kanasai!!! Tak tahu malu. Have to agree with you.

Services industries in this country needs some positive and creative leaders. Most of them leaders are war generations products. Some are very slow in responding to the new developments and some are waiting in line to make another million. I have to agree with you man , but I wonder why I have no problem with my streamyx. It was very bad a couple months ago though…

This is Zety Kamal of TM Net Sdn Bhd. I came across this blog posted on the Streamyx problem and the disgruntles that Mr LC_Teh has on Streamyx. I would like to enquire whether Mr LC_Teh and other bloggers who have posted comments on the Streamyx service would be interested to have a dialogue session with our CEO, Mr Michael Lai on related TM Net issues namely Streamyx? Should you be interested to have the dialogue session kindly contact me @ 03-8319 3422.
Thank you and best regards.

Thank You Zety, for your response.

I made one complaint on line on 21-07-05 (ICOMS# 197844) and also several calls to connection centre at 1 300 88 9515, and one technician tried his best to get me connected, but failed. He did promise to send someone to my place the following day to help. The next day when no technician showed up I decided to trouble-shoot the setup myself and I found that due to my frustration I had crewed up the configurations. I settled that. After that I did get some delays when I tried to connect, but after a few more of these hiccups, I haven’t experienced any problem since. I assume someone has taken action. I’m optimistic.

Relax Paulooi. Ain’t blaming you. In fact, thank you for your blog forum. Most of us needed to let off steam somehow, somewhere, even though mostly we don’t expect to get any response. This is a pleasant surprise. But thanks again, Zety. I’ll Keep that phone number handy, if anything else happens again.


Got a good response before, during and after the streamyx application from TM, installation team as well as customer service center.

Well done for the excellance job delivered.

TmNet Streamyx Customer Service (Helpdesk) is still one of the worst helpdesks in the world although Michael Lai takes over the reign as CEO of TmNet.
I have just subscribed to TmNet Streamyx sometime end of March, 2006. In less than 20 days, my streamyx connection has been disrupted for few days, and when i called to Helpdesk (Customer Service), nobody is willing to receive the call although i have called at least 30 times at a different time. What can we users do if broadband service has been almost monopolized by TmNet? So,We, as customers, have to endure the suck service even if it is terrible.

I am a Malaysian staying in HK and China for 10 years now.

And one thing I realise is ………………….my home country is now so lagging behind, even to Kampung area in China !!

Sad to say, but……………………for all the persons in charge of our country……….WAKE UP !!

In particular to networking, and to STREAMYX, I have to agree tooo… really SUCKS !!

Feel very ashame to tell friends around me, but the fact that I myself experience through, that my office in KL, CAPITAL OF MALAYSIA, have waited for almost a month, b4 we can get a phone install, reason because there was no more line !! hahaha !! what a joke isn’t ??

Other then that, just for those people in charge in STREAMYX, people in HK, generally are enjoying 3MB to 6MB connection, and a 100MB connection is also widely available !!

Besides that, calling from HK to any number in Malaysia, is so much cheaper if I were to call locally !!! ( Thanks to goverment allowed MONOPOLY !! )

Are we improving or going backwards as a country ??

In a messive computer networking environment, HOW WELL ARE WE PREPARED ??

To those who are “really” concern ~

SAD !!

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Woops! i am a bit far too late here.. but just make it short.
well tm net are managed by Damnass and of course those underlings will become PussyFreak and CockSuckers lah….. and Btw TM means TIDAK MUNGKIN (not possible)

think about it, when did malaysia had a good source of technology at hand? you thought LRT was a rennaisance? dude, japan has the bullet train.

ya really, all know tmnet is suck, bad service, just now my streamyx even cant surf yahoo and also other website. i waste my day, and oso i cant done with my daily work, you know how pain it was!!! get to paid monthly, and what we get ? server down, slow down …

Ngai di.. MaLaysia pui pui pui… tidak malu ka cakap malaysia BOLEH… bu shit ada larr..
Malay tahu pakai duit sembarang dan bazir saja.. kalau Kerajaan tidak tolong.. pui.. Habis lar kamu orang.. !! kerajaan punya duit pun datang dari orang cina kalau tidak ada cina… MALAYSIA CHAM !!

Kalau malaysia bagilarr orang cina jadi menteri… kaya n maju..tidak akan jadi macam hari ini…

Telekom Malaysia bangun larr… i tulis bahasa malaysia kamu orang tahu baca eh ? takkan bahasa malaysia tidak pandai baca ?

Rajin kerja lar.. jangan tahu tidak boleh makan babi saja.. mau tahu apamacam buat rakyat sokong buat malaysia macam negara yang maju……

really dun know wat all TMnet people doing wat shit while working time…… always gives 1000000 excuses…server down la ……..maintaines la bla bla bla ……shit

yala, streamyx really suck, i told them up to 10mbs, they fucker 78 say no $$$. now is years 2008, how come malaysia still like in year 1980. so sad about tis situation, when telekom can improve it?
y all the government is almost malay? malay no 1 is good only me good but makan rasuah number 1 and i think abdullah same. hope the next presidence will be chinese.

my pc off line …off line…chaam…my friend say ampang area like that…how to do….?restart pc…?restart rawter…?&….?still like that…pay RM 481 to online …but now pay RM 481 cnnt online…!!!?????haizzz….TM net malu lah….

They have yet to come and install the phone!My application was at least 5 days before Raya.Now Raya its over,I’ve called to enquire.They couldn’t give me an explaination.Said they will call me back which of course they never did.Try to called back.The time its 4.40 pm.They hung up my call.I am really frustrated.I don’t see any challenge on installing a phone since the previous tenants have the phone installed before.
I wouldn’t be suprised if this would take another 1 month.Anyone knows how to escalate this to their higher management?

Puki ayam punya streamyx… pakage saya 1mb apasai saya ping mana mana website pun boleh dapat 1000ms… apa lanjiao u orang buat? u orang buat kerja atau main kote di syarikat tm sdn bhd? niama chao hai… selalu call mai cakap tolong check ini dan itu tapi check sampai akhir speed pun lambat macam lanjiao… buat complain sekit direct tutup orang punya call .. apa lanjiao ini ??!! ini pangil apa lanjiao punya service..? luar negara punya broadband cepat macam lanjiao pun tak berani cakap dia orang baik.. u orang punya broadband speed macam lanjiao u orang cakap bangga.. bangga apa lanjiao? banga jadi bangladesh ka atau banga kerana kerja di tm net tak paya buat kerja boleh main kote selalu? duit mau angkat.. 3 bulan tak bayar mau tutup orang punya line…ada hal selalu bagi alasan… PUKI AYAM LU STREAMYX!

Yup mmg betul …3 month kalau tak bayar.. sure kena potong.. siap sampai surat merah.. tapi.. yg buat sakit hati lagik.. connections mcm tak berguna langsung.. pagi ok… tengah hari sampai petang mcm takde jer internet…

i don’t care if its malay , chinese or india.. we all need each others …

senang citer la… kalo korang semua pandai ape kata korang buat sendiri internet connections??

ada duit???

pandai sangat???

Korang bleh tahan ker belanja berbillion-billion untuk naik taraf servis?? jaga hati berjuta-juta rakyat malaysia???

i hate streamyx but it doesn’t mean that i don’t wan internet connections?
i just wan what is right for us… we paid and we get what we wan..

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