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The Little Eye On Malaysia

Out of curiosity, last week, me and Shorty planned to meet up on Wednesday night and visit The Eye On Malaysia. After Cisco Conference, me and 矮子 went to Titiwangsa to do some shooting on The Eye On Malaysia.

At first, we were really curios how high is The Eye On Malaysia, is it as high as London’s London Eye or Japan’s Sky Dream Fukuoka? During the route to Titiwangsa, when we arrived Jalan Ipoh/Sentul, we think that may be we could see the big wheel around the area. But somehow, we couldn’t see any circle things around that area, until we drove by Wisma Budaya Art Gallery and finally!!! We saw the damn wheel…. The “Little” Eye on Malaysia. It’s… not that high… or not too short, I would say… Or may I suggest the new name? I think The Eye on Kuala Lumpur is more suitable… Because when sitting on the wheel, you only can see 1/3 of Kuala Lumpur night view.

I did some study on popular wheels around the world

Eye On Malaysia, Malaysia – 60 metres high,
Highest in South East Asia.

London Eye, London – 135 metres high,
Higher than Malaysia.

Sky Dream Fukuoka, Fukuoka – 135 metres high,
Higher than Malaysia and Highest in Asia.

Okay, now you know why I called it “Little”? I read on newspaper last week, during the launch, a Japanese press was invited for the launched and our local media ask for comment his/her on the wheel, the Japanese said, “It’s good enough for Malaysia….”. Now I know what he/she meant, people has 135 metres high while we only have 60 metres.

About the wheel, It’s RM15 for adult to take the ride, each ride is about 12 minutes, which mean RM1/minute. I didn’t ride on the wheel, because I don’t think it’s worth it, especially ride with Shorty.

It cost about RM30 million to setup the short wheel, may be I should visit the wheel in Genting again, to see is it The “Little” Eye On Malaysia is slightly higher. RM30 million for the first Malaysia’s giant wheel, I think it’s a lot, another project that waste rakyat money???

Fukuoka’s wheel was built by Japanese, London Eye’s was British I think, where is “Little” Eye on Malaysia is French. Well… welcome Visit Malaysia 2007. Enough complains, some photos here.

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I think its Swiss (Switzerland) but you may be confused because the Swiss speak French Language (and German). I saw stickers inside promoting the Swiss engineering company.

The ‘eye’ is rubbish and damn scary to go on – you cant see much up there anyway – same as from an appartment building.

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