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The objective of STPM is to pass people?

Edited on 7th Oct 2008: Some reader has reading problem, so I have to put on the disclaimer.

The article below was extracted from a forwarded email, below content is not represent my view, stand point or what so ever.

After reading twinmum wrote about the education system in our country. I read about this from a forwarded email.

How do you explain the fact that 87% of the students passed the examinations of the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) recently? When during your grandfather’s time only 10% would have passed? Are students getting smarter? Or are STPM questions getting easier? Let me put things in their proper perspective.

During your grandfather’s time, they would ask exam questions like:
In what year did Parameswara founded the kingdomof Melaka?

The correct answer was “1402”, and they found that only 10% of the students managed to answer the question correctly. This didn’t go down too well with the authorities, because the objective of the exams was to
pass people.

I mean, what’s the point of having exams if people fail?

So later, they found another way to ask the same question:
Parameswara founded the kingdom of Melaka in the year:
(a) 2001
(b) 2004
(c) 1986
(d) 1975
(e) 1402
Tick the correct answer.

The results were better in that 20% of the students passed. But it was still not good enough, so the authorities tried a different tactic a few years later.

Parameswara founded the kingdom of Melaka in the year1402.
true or false?

Well, half of the students guessed “True” and the other half guessed “False”. Fully 50% passed. The results were getting pretty acceptable by now.

Most other countries would be satisfied with a 50% passing rate, but not us. We are a better country, because we are a boleh country the authorities then cracked their heads and then came out with this one:

Read the following sentence carefully.
“Parameswara, the cousin of Proton-Iswara, founded the kingdom of Melaka in the year 1402”.
Underline the name of the person who founded Melaka.

60% underlined “Parameswara”, 30% underlined “Proton-Iswara” and 10% underlined “1402”. Hooiyoh……60% managed to pass! So krever!

But for some reason, the authorities were still not contented. So last year, they came out with this gem:

One day in the year 1402, Parameswara founded the kingdom of Melaka. Then he went home to have dinner. What did he eat? 13% handed in blank answers, 57% wrote “Maggi Mee”, and 10% wrote “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, and 20% wrote “Tree bark”.

The official answer was “Food” of course!

After the marking was over, it was found that 87% of the students had passed. 87%….. now that’s pretty impressive! So it’s true. The students are indeed getting smarter.

Is it true? I hope it’s not. I took my SPM in year 2000, pathetically I failed 5 subjects out of 9;

Add Math
Bahasa Malaysia

When I obtain the result, my dad didn’t ask about my SPM result, normaly family will ngi ngam ngam and scold their kid How dare you come home! My dad asked “So? Study computer next?”, then I said “No, I am interested doing direct sales now, let me gain 1 year experience I will further my study”
(direct sale really not for me, please don’t convince me to join elken, cosway, amway, noway or lamp “burger”, because I really suck on sale product I am not interested, not I want to work in MLM, but dad was in bankcruptcy during that time, that was the easy way out to get a “job”)

I told my dad I am not interested what I was studying in secondary school, I have informed him to be prepared see me fail all SPM subjects, haha :). To be honest, I enjoy my time when i was in Form 4 & Form 5, it was the greatest honeymoon years. I start web designing + computing while I was in Form3, and into music band with friend. The only stuff I am interested is computing. So F4 and F5 is enjoying…

Until I went to college, THAT IS WHATI WANT! Programming… I doing quiet well in college, even got a scholarship from Deakin University, Aus(I can’t go there, can’t afford the expenses there :()

Well, I think Malaysia Education is not that bad, but seriouly, depend on parent. If your children doesn’t like what they want, don’t force them. Some of my friend, force by their parent to study computer science/computing, which the field they doesn’t like. How to force them to do programming if they don’t like(my friend is talented in design!) How are they going to work in the future, which they don’t like what they are doing???

For me, I think parent play an important role, not the school or teacher. Beside that, while student study in college, that is the best time to LEARN and do more research. Create your porfolio during your college/uni life, this will build a good path for your career after graduated. Trust me 🙂 It truly helps.

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i nw juz finish my spm..and me nw deciding to get in STPM.i heard all my frenz even my relative say tat STPM reali tough..if i wan to take biology.wat shud i revise 1st at the moment waiting for study????can somebody give me some opinion in the way to overcome those challenges in STPM and hw to reduce the stress environment in STPM.thx=D…my e-mail

Mathewdung, i’m sure everyone was talking about alvls offered locally.

number 2, it’s obviously cause majority of students admitted into local uni are from matriculation which is pretty much rubbish la. most of the top scorers in stpm are studying overseas, most in singapore U or even topnotch universities in the UK.

well…actually for my opinion …everyone have their own opinion..i think almost everyone saying stpm is hell and tough to go…even some teacher also encourage us to go other way rather than form six if can…but for me,,,the most important things is you must be happy whatever you do…if you feel happy then you wont feel that is tough to go… besides,hard work and self motivation is also important for us in any way we go…i m actually a matriks students but i dont happy staying there and lastly… i give myself a very big courage to leave ther and go try for form six… even matriks is faster to guadrated…but i go my way and go for the route that i think i ll feel better…nothing is impposible…the ploblem is just that you want or not…dont scare and dont always heard the negative thinking…try positively…


Studying in a university in Singapore, I have a lot of Malaysian friends who went through STPM. In fact, my da jie jie was doing STPM too. Most of them complained about STPM, whether it is the quality, the rote learning method, etc.

Curious, I googled the content / curriculum coverage of STPM, and it appeared to me that it should be somewhat easier than EBTANAS, the equivalent examination in my country Indonesia.

However, STPM is surprisingly recognized worldwide. From UK to US to Canadian universities, they all recognize STPM as ‘equivalent’ as their home standards, whether it’s GCE A level, or else. And guess what- Indonesian EBTANAS is hardly recognized!

So despite the problems with STPM, you guys should be happy for it. It’s notwithstanding an international standard. =)

Paul OOoi,

hello Successful Model,
i don see u have any intelligent brain in u aft reading ur post.
U deserve salivas on ur face due to ur brainless action by writting this post
U don know much, so just shut up.
don be a smart aleck showing off ur irrelevan examples which u think it is so creavtive and funny.
U’ve stated u are lazy, so im sure there’s a limitation in ur career if being a SUCCESSFUL MODEL.
Don be so proud and naive when u have a lil bit of, well, consider it as SUCCESSFUL-NESS

mAn, i really feel like slapping ur bloody face if i got to know u

nice one jimmy hahas..paul deserve saliva on his face LOL
see the content like shyt still wan repost here
use brain la dude..
wat nub questions.. ..stpm gt such easy question oso @@ liao la
btw tis year stpm results sucks
anyway in my opinion i din study much bt last mins i regretted ‘
i such hav zzz
haiz i din practice my maths at all and guess wat gt a B-
bt bio memorize like hell manage to get A-
SERIOUSLY BIO THE HARDEST IT JUZ TAT MATHS i regret din practice at all zz

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