Tiring Weekend

what a tiring weekend i had!!!
normally,my weekends, i’ll be sleeping, resting and enjoying the day but not this weekend.
after working for the last 5 days,i had to attend a banking training course yesterday. Eventhough the course is able to provide me with lots of information regarding banking, it was still kind of boring and the air conditioner was pretty cold..freezzzzing training!!!!
initially i thought i am able to be a sleeping queen today,who knows brother ask me to wash his new house before furniture can be fit in later on. i got no choice and had to drive to klang in the early morning eventhough i was still in sleep mode.spend my whole sunday in his house washing whole house until my hands so pain.. 🙁 don’t know have to moisturize by how much body lotion…all because of those paints,dusts and chemical.
petrol is already increased and yet i m consuming even more petrol due to the long journey..costly n tiring weekend!!!!

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not yet,but will move in one day i think.but i really hate in travelling so far..u said wanna offer me a room?!

矮子 , i should have ask u to help me do those clean up since u r so lonely…should have find something meaningful for u to do 😉

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