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TM Net Netmyne down

After Merdeka eve downtime, TM Net Netmyne data center down again. It’s recorded as 5mins down time.

The cause is?? They said — don’t know what happen. It’s whole rack down, and up again, and they said don’t know why. Oh god TM Net, Dirimu bukan sekadar nombor, ya.. Diriku sekadar orang kaya, bagi duit banyak-banyak dan dapat downtime tak habis-habis.

Keranamu TMNet.

Before I submit the post, it down again!!! I want to record it and also created a new category named TMNET – Malaysia ISP, hope google bot can crawl on my site, and let people out there know how bad is TMNet service

11:05 – 11:15 : Down : Cause? Don’t know
11:30 – 11:55 : Down : cause? They are sending report to us, let see how many years they take

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