internet and tmnet and scking net

Sitting on the chair and looking at the laptop screen, the fox has stopped running and after a while the browser said, “bloody hell, your internet service provider disconnected you access to our site, sorry for inconvenience caused”, after a while i can feel fire started to burn from my head…

mutha fackha tmnet disconnected, just now i was damn excited went to download gen2 iso after that sexy sf explain how fscking l33t gentoo is. it was 97% and suddently browser, messenger, putty errors messages popup up and nearly made my lousy laptop freeze.

yaya i figured out that malaysia most advance broadband technology disconnected. i feel damn proud of using tmnet service because that fscking biatch provider really train me become more patience with their fishy services. furthermore i subscribed to their 1mb broadband but end up i only get average 12kBps to download the iso, what a conning company that con innocent rakyat money.

yayaya, don’t bull shit and tell me that because the download link speed is slow, nah darn you i ssh into office server and getting the speed of 132kBps what da hell you said the download link is slow. cheapcake internet service provider and i only deserve to get 12kBps instead of 122kBps(1MB).

wtf man, i was sitting here doing some work and hope the ISO get downloaded in another 2 minutes. this is life, only in malaysia. tmnuty shit.

Even before i post this article i got to ping to server to make sure it’s not disconnected and i also learn a lesson which is; before click publish on the article, it’s better to Ctrl + A -> Ctrl + C, which mean select all and copy incase this bloody line down again, you can just paste it, don’t rewrite it again.

p/s: in fact, it was down before i made this article up.

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  1. haiyo, paul u complain about TM NET again, actually is not TM NET fault la, you shud say the people who control TM NET suck, and who are the people controlling TM NET? Ya, we know la… they all SUCK

  2. I like the way you express this,

    “after a while i can feel fire started to burn from my head”

    I can feel your anger, just like the emperor feels anakin’s anger before turning him to the dark side.

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