TMNET - Malaysia ISP

TMNet Boleh

TMNet DNS Down, cause my DNS server down. A lot people cannot access. Same thing happened to jobstreet few days ago. Sad.. TMNet..

Date: 25th November 2005
Time: 17:30 – 18:45
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

6 replies on “TMNet Boleh”

jlchannel, ya.. wanna change to AIMS adi.. beh tahan adi…

spoonfork, then i kesian jobstreet ler.. posted jobs also kena.. may be there is blow job? 😛

tuna, ya.. guna IT tapi jangan guna TMNet

and Seriously, IF malaysia have other ISP, I would consider give a try. But fyi, telekom selling bulk port to tmnet very cheap. no others new competitor willing to come in take risk.

they throttles the streamyx package almost 24 hours to less than 10kbytes. wtf r they doing? i don’t know. so what could i do, i guess i can’t do anything.


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