15 Replies to “TMNet International Link Slow like Fsck”

  1. it’s slow like hell in my office in OUG KL…
    I threaten to change ISP n a girl in Clieckers, Kelana Jaya, said:”boleh juga.”

    what da…

  2. Woi is that 1M line why slow like used dial up modem is that we pay money to TM company enjoy the LAGGING i hope my place faster got 3G i want change it STREAMYX very suck and FUCK

  3. Hey this is off on a tangent, but it’s the first time I came across the abbreviation, fsck. I can make a good unmentionable guess (is it something similar in obscenity to wtf?), and if that is what I had in mind, then I think it’s friggin’ hilarious! haha.

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