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I have been disconnected by TMNet Streamyx for more than 10 times today. 3kheng can prove that. What a bad day for me

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cool~~~~~~ stimix rules of problems

My bandwidth is capped (especially P2P programs) in 10-30kb/s for 1 month liao. Very nice xmas and CNY present dude!

hi mates…
i’ve the same problem too
P2P… Torrent files being stucked at constant UL speed of 15kb/s & DL speed at 20kb/s
weird !!!
i’ve 1Mbps/384kbps package… but this is really a bad start to 2006
i hope TMNet Streamyx can fix this issue a.s.a.p otherwise refunds will be compulsory !

I have the same problem too. My P2P files are stuck. I can upload fine but my download is horrendous i.e. >10kb/s. I just got back from a 2 week holiday. “NICE” surprise. Does anyone know if this is a technical problem on TmNet’s side or is this a permanent situation?

I’m signed up on the 1M program and if this is permanent, I agree with Jason, refunds will be compulsory!

i want to complaint my streamyx line had been about 4 MONTHS that i cant ONLINE ALMOST 24HOURS!!!
the modem of ‘DSL’ keep on blinkin….what the hell is going on?is this happen only around IPOH location?or just happen in my house line?
shit man….i’m so feddup of what happen

What TMNet never tell it’s user is that ADSL works best at 1 MBps if your home is located within 5 KM from their nearest node/exchange. If the PSTN line from your home goes round and round (even though on a line of sight it is less than 5 KM) before it reaches the node/exchange, then too bad, it has exceeded 5 KM and you will NEVER get 1 MBps. I was CON into buying the 1 MBps package… which never exceeded 512 kbps at all for a year. How to complain ? TMNet mah… what else. Also, if rainy weather, it is sure to get disconnected… until the rain subsides… i really wonder if this is a wired or wireless even though i noted that my ADSL modem is connected to a wire ! :-O Just for you guys information from my usage for the past year in USJ 6.

WTF for this STREAMYX my rounter cant save all the data always data lost need setup manual went restart router some INTERNET SLOW like TURTLE better go used 3G is till like that

i hav been apply streamy but still now they did’t come to my house to fix line..
when i ask them..the same answer is my name still pending…
i felt fed up..

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