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A complain to TMNet Streamyx

I received an email from my reader, Soon Heng, and he has something to complain about Streamyx bandwidth problem.

By the way, I didn’t attend the dialogue session at Chatter Cafe during merdeka eve with Michael Lai and team, but Jeff Ooi did. I didn’t because I know it’s wasting time, I attend and it doesn’t mean my co-lo will not have downtime, or my streamyx will runing smoothly 365days a year. Furthermore, during Merkeda eve the road is so jam. Wasting petrol and time is not me.

I think beside Soon Heng, I also have the same problem, I subscribed to the 1MB package, but my highest speed can go up to is about 80++kBps, not more than 1MB. Sometime it’s even slow, yes it’s slow like the TMNet customer service(may be Slow is their Norm of work). Sometime my housemate will get frustrated and call me, and I always told him that it’s TMNet.. Nothing we can do.

Even though you complain to them, they will said, get back to you soon. Soon, their soon is xxx time or xxx date, they are not serious giving you support, because they have xxx thousand subscribers in Malaysia, if you complain or you don’t use it, they will not make any lost. But this is Malaysian culture, never complain, imagine 100000 subscribers who have problem also complain. But if you complain also the same, this is Malaysia, TMNet monopoly, you can give up, unsubscribe streamyx, but then what are you going to subcribe to? The ONLY ONE cheap broadband service in Malaysia is TMNet.

I believe that Soon Heng sent his letter, the situation will be the same. After complain I still using it, it’s silly right? But complain is a make, it’s our right to file a complain, and I also have my right to voice how bad is the services is.

Michael Lai wants to rebrand, but then it’s TM norm, slow. It take time to changes, may be 10 years. or may be not, may be new competitor come in.. competitor? no, it will not happen..

To Whom It May Concern:

Intermittent Service since October 6, 2005

Shortly after October 6, I called up TMNet’s customer service to lodge a complaint about the non-service of Streamyx. I was informed that there was some problem with a node on Jalan Ipoh. I was asked to lodge a report and I did (REPORT No. 451512).

But following the report, nothing much happened. The service came on, went off, came on but at about 28kbps, when the promised speed is 1Mbps. Now it has been off the last couple of weeks. But no word from TMNet.

I called several times and was asked to write in. Customer service said that there was nothing it could do. What’s worse, nothing proactive was undertaken to manage my expectations as a customer. I wasn’t provided with any kind of information how long the problem would persist or what steps TMNet would take in light of the situation.

Of course, the bill came promptly and unashamedly asked for payment notwithstanding the non-service.

I understand that the technology isn’t without its problems. But good customer service requires that the customer be informed and not left hanging indefinitely in the dark, uncertain when the service will be up and running again.

Customers can’t be treated with indifference, not especially when TMNet keeps telling us we’re not just a number. Right now I feel I’m worse than just a number. I’m an insignificant number.

Will someone kindly call to let me know what’s going on and how long this non-service would last?

Lim Soon Heng
CC Mr Michael Lai

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you streamyx staff are really stupid. so many customers make complaints and yet you still do nothing. the major problems with streamyx broadband line are:
@ frequent disconnection
@ speed unstable / slow down
@ blocking of BT usage

you only lucky because government giving support. if without government support, you people are all die long time ago. you people are stupid and only “makan gaji buta”. you don’t feel ashame of yourself ??

so many complaints to Streamyx and yet you people do nothing. keep in silence all the time.

All people know that streamyx is no good. you are still using 10 years ago technology. Come on, this is 21 century.

just look at example from Asia and Mas Flight. I believe one day some private sectors will definitely take over broadband service in Malaysia.You will regret of what you have done to customers by these days.

you only ignore customers feedback & complaints. just don’t understand why you people want to work with Streamyx. I can guarantee you will see hundreds of complaints about streamyx everyday. This mean streamyx really got BIG problems and you never solve it. That is why those problems happen and happen again.

can’t you take some times to think about this ..
@ why customers want to say you people only “makan gaji buta” ??
@ why customers want to make complaints and complaints again ??
@ why customers want to say TMnet = TM nut ??
@ why customers angry with streamyx ??
@ why customers say streamyx staff are all stupid ??


I don’t surprise if one day streamyx head quarter or Kedai TM branches burn out with fire or bombed. It is not by accident.

The customers’ anger is growing bigger and bigger everday. When one day, customers loss their patient, then Streamyx will be regreted.

Government is supporting you. And for this reason, you streamyx staff must perform even better. Don’t be proud of you own status. because at customers side, you streamyx staff are only “makan gaji buta”, “lazy” , “care nothing, do nothing”.

Don’t you feel “malu” ??

Last night, there was a big rain……and i heard that something bad happened in the centre, something about connection.
Today! I still meet the same problem…….don’t they have any proffesionals in repairing this kind of easy things?

wtf streamyx lah!!! noob meh…
always disconnect! play an online game until half then disconnect!
i damn hate yours poorly technical!!!
always say give the best to the customer, nowsaday always disconnect.
show me your technical lah!
dont so lazy take care of this problem lah! plz prove us yours can do well!

Y i always disconnect when there is raining days and during peak hours???i want play some games during evening also cannot..
wat thing that make my connection got problem??if can pls send someone to fixed it up..

I only want to say TMNet is useless.. because they are in Malaysia, will not facing any competitors, thats why if you think you unsatisfy so you can give up to sign up.. otherwise, u should use it and pay it every months! In their mind, they just want to earn money, thats why now everybody knows that internet is over loading for the user already, my speed is damn slow! ….. but their server not update at all… what the stupid think they think the customer all is stupid!
You see Singapore, why their technology are faster than us so much, this is because they got competitor, they need to upgrade themselve all the time.. Singapore are so small, the populations are so little, but the goverment still let more than one company to fight.. In Malaysia, dont say other technology, the internet problem already can make them crazy!
Always call to them for complain some problem, their solutions always the same, check ur telephone line lar, check ur phone sound got noise or not lar.. create new connection for direct connect with streamyx which is set the DNS! all the rubbish thing! If the technician dont have solution to solve, then better fired them! Dont waste our money and times!
Somemore, when the internet got problem, they always dont want to pick up the phone in 1300-88-9515, this is call service!

Sigh…..Yup Yup guys i agree with u….because iam a customer service executive at streamyx 🙂 basicly working here its like a script…everday u will face the same thing and u will have to reply to the customer with the same words..what iam trying to say is…Its all crap… its actually the problem comes with the line itself…its not dependeble….to day the problem is solve but tomorrow yur facing the same thing…

i pay for monthly payment for 100mbps but now i download files with 2kbps… me stay in ss/2 , petaling jaya.. can some one tell me what the hack is happening?? 100mbps become 2kbps can i pay the amount equal to the speed i have now??? i don’t think it’s fair for me to pay 100mbps since i’m now using 2kbps… may i know how much i have to pay for 2kbps?? or are you all streamyx ppl cheating on me?? can i hire lawyer to sue you all cause you all cheat me???

Zzzz… Settings same as usual, internet onine as usual, speed quite good as usual

All that was yesterday. Today something went boom.

Why is it that websites ending in .my or direct connections load extremely fast, yet pages outside malaysia take 5-10 minutes just to load? All 4 international lines congested or what?

Quoting Streamyx Guy:

Some of them said slow browse to US website and playing games esp Korea game server.. I am also an online gamers… For this problem, it is very simple.. If you have good brain and knowledge how to think… If I ask you to run go and come for 100m, I think it will take about 30 – 40 second maybe… But if I asked you to run go and come back for 1 kilometer, how long do you think it will take?

Ehem… I know ping time cannot be fixed easily, but the problem here is that the timeout % is so high it interferes with data transfer! I had the same problem once, and after more than one month of calling to complain and technician checks, the source of the problem was the rusted junction between the telephone pole and telephone line outside of my house! And it was almost the same for telephone poles everywhere…
If even the basic infrastructure is lousy, what can we expect even if the speed is 100Mbps? Please, distance is not that much of a problem if the road itself is smooth, and the condition of the roads (information or otherwise) here is Sabah is just plain terrible.

Don’t think that only you are using that server… Other people like free things also, like myself… You have to understand about overload server.. Same to people who loves to download… You are sharing the server to other people, so please understand…

The problem is that we are PAYING for these services. Tell me, if you paid to eat a buffet only to find that all the dishes were already gone, would you feel full? OF COURSE NOT. You would complain to the chef to cook up some more food, or at least demand for a refund! And that is exactly what we are doing, yet you are telling us to be satisfied with it??

Please, if you want us to complain less, at least give us daily news details of what is being done to improve the situation. I’m sure we’ll understand your situation if you tell us just how grave it is and show us that you are actually doing something…

Regardless of the earthquake in Taiwan, my connection is TOO slow. it took 17mins to load this site. If i visit a site loaded with pics……..ayoo…… So much for RM88.

Well.. The speed is slow was already a fact!!! and i won’t expect they will do anything on that no matter how many complaints they received…
The connection is totally not stable at all.. imagine that the line will disconnect at least 3 times a days.. and that’s pissed me!!! and yet v still need to pay RM 66 every month with this kind of service!! come on?!

The service leave a lot to be desired!!!!!

tmnet what u doing ?????? eat shyt ??? always make my line reconenct o disconnect
some time when me plying on9 game suddenly disconnect the streamyx line
make me wan crazy
u all company need to improve ur service lor ! every month we pay $$ but did not getting any improve
really eat shyt!


tmnet what u doing ?????? always make my line reconenct o disconnect
some time when me plying on9 game suddenly disconnect the streamyx line
make me wan crazy
u all company need to improve ur service lor ! every month we pay $$ but did not getting any improve

May be it is TMD means in Chinese way is 他妈的, it is like “fucking” or “hell” in English.
EG:what u fucking doing here. 你们TMD在这里干什么
what the hell is that! 那个TMD是什么
does that make sence?

man all of u r right…i’m having the same problem…my 512KB streamyx is as slow as u can imagen
i think that dail-up modems r much faster than this peice of crap…
can’t they think of adjusting the bandwidth some more….
and what do we expect: paying 77 or 1089 for nothing…when will this stop..i can’t
take it any more…evry time i call them, they say just unplug the modem or there is a problem with ur area
i realy wish that streamyx will do somthing abt this…..if that’s ever gonna happen

hey.. wat going on?? i having 512kbs plan now.. and i know that tmnet is blocking p2p connection.. its made my bt connection damn slow.. 60kb/s is the fastest now.. wat going on??? i thought the speed will recover after the earthquake.. haiz.. tmnet really.. .. .. .. waste our money.. f***er

what i know , in singgapura it no use stresmyx their also so fast but malaysia ……………………………i see you all have to upgroup

TMNet please upgrade your system, you cannot just keep promote your broadband very good & very fast. You must proof it! cause i am a agent too.

Tmnet Agent!! y cannot scold ur company??can u tell us y?Ur company doing shit product!!One month We need pay to ur company RM88,then we get a bad services and bad bad streamyx speed,like lastime i used jaring or dailing tmnet!!U can easy earn our money,but ur servecies and ur speed like shit u noe??i think we scold u, u not have any premission say us!,i tired report my problem to ur helpline services centre,told them my problem then they say this not their bunisses!!izit this calling TMNET SERVICES CENTRE HELPLINE??
Streamyx this name not longer already,TMnet Agent!!Now wat i saying not means tat i scold u,juz wanna tell u wan they cannot scold ur company!!!!!!!

妈的,垃圾 streamyx,骗钱的公司!!每个月还钱给你用,到头来得到的速度,就像我以前用tmnet,jaring那样!!打去顾客关怀中心,服务员的态度又欠佳,还说是我们电脑的问题!!你妈的你,害我每个月要浪费马币88块来给你们这些马来猪用,去死啦!!我认为这样骂你是没有错,我每个月都要打电话给你,跟你说不能上网,你们的服务员就推3推4,干你老娘,你们可不可以维修你们的server??马的!!noob streamyx!!sohai streamyx!!useless streamyx!!骗钱的公司!!

TMNet agent, Tell your company to upgrade their facilities. Otherwise, it’s narrowband not broadband!

With this type of service, I thing we just need to pay RM10 for streamyx 384K unlimited, RM30 for streamyx 512K unlimited and RM40 for streamyx 1M unlimited. Agree?

bah i even more worst is i take 1MB spd (RM88) then i get spd is wat?? lower then 384K (RM 4X) wat the shit? the streamyx…where u gona suffle the LAG PAIN FOREVER! wish now got a GOD CAN GIVE US USE OTHER LINE IN OUR MALAYSIA.NOW STREAMYX THINK TAT THEY ARE A ONLY LINE IN MALAYSIA!! WHEN THE OTHER LINE OUT! NO LIE I TELL U NO ONE WILL TAKE STREAMYX UNTIL THE LINE BACK SMOOTH!

wtf la….pay the money for PIGs…and my line still freaking lousy…always keep dc and slow…pay the money for pig oli???hey tmnut plz la…update ur service and whole system la….worst than a pig….

My bandwidth during morning until afternoob is around 800 + kbit/s is consider ok ….. ( for tmnet dun harap so much ) Then last few day suddenly until 10 pm night my line starting lag so i check the bandwidth it dropped to 150 – 250 kbit/s … everynight after 10pm so i suspect they done dunno wtf setting to the server for it to run at low bandwidth after 10pm at night for my area that is ……. I already complain they say will fix it and i already got the test result printed i’ll make a complain to press if they didnt solve the problem for me sigh ……….

please la…y your service is so bad…my internet always so slow… wat is tat.. better dont let me complaint to your boss… do for my line better immeadieately before i go complaine… coz u all coz me cant do something immediately trough internet

i got problem with my internet connection since 3 days ago. I dial 100 and talk to their customer service assistant and did every think that he ask me to do so. but until this morning i still cannot get any connection and with error 678 window appear. Help me tmnet. can you please sent me some technician. my user ID is tamby36@streamyx.

today, my streamyx just going back to normal after 6 days waiting to be fix, i have to do call many times, and hold the phone waiting they do something (go to the toilet i guess). and now i am quite happy becoz i not only the victims (what to do). hahahaha..
thank you.

Till now, STREAMYX totally sucks, i complaint too much that i can’t count of them. Worst Service, Worst Support, Worst for all aspects. DAMN STREAMYX. Application activated since 4 weeks ago, but till now my streamyx can’t be used. I give up man!!! Eventhou only one ISP in Malaysia, it really troubles me a lot. ENOUGH!!!

I agree with you, Paul Oii, Malaysian culture!!! Complaint also not use. Waste of time. TILL NOW…

说来说去还是streamyx劝(掉)!!!1mbps only can use 10kbps!!! I pay RM77 per month but 10kbps only RM0.77

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