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TMNut really suck, Malaysian… Do you agree?

Ahem… Ahem, can you read me? Can you access my blog? testing 123 testing 123… OK, Malaysian Streamyx user, let shout loudly together, “TMNUT SUCK”. THEY can used RM9million to rebrand their company but can’t buy better hardware, hired better people to take care of the broadband network. This is not the first time anymore… down again.. international network screwed up. How online business survive… TMNut.. I am sick with you, You Suck!

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Yes, they SUCK. They have to buck up. My connection drops every 10 minutes here in Ampang.

Also, there was an article on or somewhere that they can easily upgrade everyone to 6MBps or more, but they wouldn’t because they want to squeeze profits from their corporate Internet services.

I totally believe that, because my Singaporean and Korean friends laughed when I told them the maximum speed for home users is 1Mbps (and that’s the theoretical best).

Joe, this is TMNut logo, not TMNet 😛

CH, China and HK is 10x faster than us 🙂

WE got to urge govn to bring in other ISP provider, but it won’t happen, later TMNut will be like another Proton.. Ha Ha Ha

you r god damn right… It proves improvement is not possible if there is no competant……. haih… tmnut…… proton….. haihh….. Malaysia…………

Key Word is———–LOADING——–DC——S***——CONNECTI—ON——

IoI damn streamyx Broadband still got top ranking for very2 weak~s ADSL BROADBAND in the world,…….. nop adsl i thing it just 0000.1bps DL Speed for RM88.00 permonth…………

its so fuck up net had….even worse when it had the fair usage policy for streamyx house use…wat the hack…tat mean pple subscribe faster package like end up same speed??…there r too many pple subscribe wit tm net….but nvr ever updated the boardand server to back up tat much user…reli reli suck man….

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