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Tonight, Not Again

Friday night, it seems like a night that I usually will meet up with mel a.k.a spoonfork at starbucks to discuss about our community project. It also seems like we donate money to starbucks every week. I feel ashamed of being part of the team but haven’t done anything yet. However, his sensor has been running well for the past 1 week. To show that I am into it, I try to compile new pgsql on my server and unfortunately it doesn’t work and it also gave him a chance to say FreeBSD sucks and gentoo is the best in the universe. Mel, it wasn’t my fault, it’s just postgresql documentation gave wrong and terrible information on upgrading their db to 8.1.x. Read the manual and you will understand why. The coincidence of recompiling the db also lead to webmail down and pop/imap not functioning for few hours. Well it’s fixed now.

Tonight, Lee Wen joined us for a drink at TGI Fridays around 10, after we did we should do in starbucks with Mel. Coincidentally, I met my ex-college friends. I was very close with them during that time. Looking back, it has been 3 years since i last saw them around in my life. They are still like the old days, nothing much changed, still like to drink at bars, hard liquor, spending thousands a night. Oh ya, something has changed, they now have English names, one Jason one Calvin or whatever shit which I can’t remember. Well Mel, Lee Wen and I were chatting and enjoyed 2 jugs of Heinekken beers. Mac also came by after his date with a gorgeous women.

A lot of chatting went on. I wasn’t concentrating on what they were talking about, I was thinking what was popped up in my mind during that time. I was thinking I didn’t meet one of my friends for quiet some time and miss some enjoyable moments that happened last time. Really, time flies, it has been 2 years+ and a lot of things have changed and some decisions have made the past gone forever. We can’t turn back time, the clock is ticking and it passes by every second and every minute. While I am sleeping, writing blog, drinking, eating, time doesn’t wait for me.

Walking down to the car park and slowly getting my mind refreshed about what happened 2 years back, it seemed like it all happened a long time ago but reading back the emails that dropped into a folder and looking at the pictures that I received, it seems like we still kept in touch only recently.

Thinking back that day I gave that fellow a suprise during that fellow’s birthday, the long drive and journey, the excitement preparing for the suprise, won’t feel tired even it was a 4 hours drive. As soon as I reached my home town I acted as a courier person, getting the fellow out from the house and giving a suprise to the fellow, not to forget to thank someone who called up as a courier service center. It might be a suprise, or it might be not, it might be just like a tree in front of the fellow’s house, no suprise perhaps.

Those days i was down from a broken relationship. I have a friend to talk to and a friend who really made me feel comfortable and I also tried my best to accompany that fellow during his broken relationships too. Even though I already had my dinner, I still managed to have a nasi lemak ayam so late at night. Not to forget the last day of the internship and we had a kinda quiet and silent dinner somewhere.

Sometimes, humans tend to think back and grab back the sweet memories and moments. Somehow these memories just pop up all of a sudden and makes you think a lot about what is right and wrong and sometimes makes you regret. Please forgive me if my poor grammar confuses you. I think I am a little bit drunk after the b33r section (mel’s fault, he didn’t drink much). I think I need to communicate more with my housemate, sometimes I just feel like we have too little communication and sometimes he looks like just a stranger to me or dare not to talk to him because he has a fierce beard. Shave it you focker!.

Well, I think after the webmail, db and pop/imap were fixed, I feel safer to sleep right now. Could you imagine I am lying on the bed, just open one of my eyes, another shut(right one), lights off and thanks to IBM for the awesome lid light, at least I can see the keyboard(by the way I don’t look at the keyboard when I am typing.) I am really tired, but before I sleep I wanted to write down what images are flying in my mind right now or 1 hour ago.

Good night, I will throw the laptop on the floor and sleep. Night and Happy Divali to Hindu friends. I am going to have a lot lot lot nice curry mutton, chicken tomorrow.

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dude, don’t get to melancholy. mel-ancholy, geddit? geddit? mel-ancholy. anyways, things happen for reasons beyond our understanding and control, so just cherish the present moment you have.

作 晚 吃 ”大 炒 ‘’ 时 , jeffery, 你 和 我 都 个 怀 心 事 。 而 所烦 的 都 是 同 一 幢 事 。 如 果 那 晚 咱 们 跑 去 喝 酒 的 话 , 一 定 3 个 被 抬 出 来 。 你 们 在 时 , 我 好 像 很 会 安 慰 人 似 的 , 自 己 独 处 时 , 却 一 点 也 安 慰 不 了 自 己 。 在 AMbank门 口 傻 傻 的杂 站 了 一 个 钟 , 看 着 外 面 的 大 雨 发 呆 。 随 风 送 来 的 雨 点 , 只 使 我 觉 得 更 冷 , 更 沉, 并 不 能 把 我 唤 醒 。
曾 经有 一 次 , 在事 后 的 三 年 才 知 道 自 己 曾 经 有 过 一 次 机 会 , 知 道 后 那 种 后 悔 的 心 情 没 法 形 容 。 很 气 恼 为 何 没 收 到 那 邮 件 , 也 很 气 恼 为 何 女 子 不 能 坦 白 的 提 出 , 复 合 四 年 的 爱 情 。 现 在 慕 然 回 首 已 成 陌 生 人 。 。
有 些 东 西 一 过 去 ,就 是 过 去 了 , 当 你 想 回 头 时 , 人 物 已 非 。 。 放 弃 目 前 而 等 待 不 知 答 案 的 结 局 , 还 是 想 前 看呢 ?无 论 怎 样 , 得 快 刀 斩 乱 麻 , MY FRIEND。
最 后 , 赠 你 一 句 died poet society 里 的 ‘’ seize the day”, 捉 紧 这 一 天 !珍 惜 目 现 所 拥 有 的 , 有 些 人 想 有 个 拥 有 的 机 会都 没 。 。 。

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