Toyota Service Centre Rocks!

Early morning today, I went to Toyota Service Centre for first 1000km service. What I wanted to say is… The service centre rocks.

It took me around 1 hour for car service. First, I proceed to the caunter counter and get the ticket queue no, wait for a while, an engineer came to attend me and brought my car to the service area start service the car. Beside that, they adviced me to wait at Customer Lounge and enjoy free nescafe, milo and nasi lemak. Also with a xx” flat screen TV showing Discovery channel.

Toyota is simply Greats!

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  1. Dragoncity,

    Res toyota SC service charge expensive compared to the workshop outside. Somemore they use made in taiwan parts. damn! I know many of the toyota owners are not happy with their service. btw i speak as one of the toyota owner also..

  2. Hi !
    I bought a 1990 Toyota Celica 3 months ago .I have had problems with it. I had donr the diagnosis and they say the the Power Steering Pump is leeking.
    Can you tell the best way to repair this and with minimum cost.

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