Tsunami Attack Penang?

source: http://www.chinapress.com.my/content.asp?dt=2005-07-27&sec=mas&art=0727mc48.txt







Read it from China Press, a lady pastor predicts that will be a tsunami attack this weekend in Penang. The damage will be worst than what happened in Sumatera last year 1226. She advice people to back off from Penang… Beside that, she also said will take the responsibilies on what she said…..

Sound scary, but chinese always, “另可信其有, 不要信其无” You ask me believe or not? Well, if I’m in Penang, sure will balik kampung – Alor Setar 🙂

But in the world, any kind of person also have. Some people got nothing to do.. spread rumour to become popular, when Tsunami not happaned, she will have 101 reasons/excuses for the police.