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Uglymen Rocks Serdang!

So, me and Suan was worried about their gig is on Or not Saturday night. Suan, saw the pictures on previous post??? Hehehe… Sky Cleared 🙂 Rock and roll Saturday night.

Uglymen on 8TV Homegrown 9th Sept 2005, after you finish Malaysian Idol @ 10:30pm, please don’t change channel, stay tune on the next program –> Homegrown, a series of introducing local bands in Malaysia. Please vote uglymen if you feel they are entertaining(and personally their music is bravo too)! Remember VOTE 🙂

How entertaining they are? Then you must come and check it out tomorrow.

Date: 13th August, 2005
Venue: Halo Cafe, South City Plaze, Serdang.
Time: 9pm onward
Adminssion: FREE
Bands: malito, met mercury, soundwall and uglymen

I wanna listen Si Ai Bin and Pak Chui Cheng 😛

See you all there, if you can’t get there, call me @ 012 454 6360 :D..

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