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Up, Late Night

You see, I see, I hate having badminton from 10pm-12am, it made me can’t get into bed after shower. It really.. sux.

Suddently there are a lot of things pop up in my mind, stuffs I would like to buy;

  • Nikon FlashLight
  • Nikon 18-200mm VR lens
  • Apple Mac Book Pro
  • Some nice and confortable sandal

I heard that new Mac Book Pro solved heating issues. Just want to wait for little while before get into another expensive investment. Nikon FlashLight is a must before I go for holiday or before an important event coming end of this month. 18-200mm VR lens, not at the moment but if I got xtra $ I would consider.

Currently, helping my housemate upgrade his iBook Firefox to version 2.0. I love to ask my friend download latest firefox or get firefox, because when you download, the page will show my firefox laptop’s bag 🙂 I hope new Firefox will solve my housemate crashing problem. Mine running perfectly fine, but Firefox always crashed Sogua’s laptop. Why not you also download the latest firefox and look at my laptop’s bag 😛

Sickness is also sucks, I just had medicine, hope can get sleep soon, good night, sleep tight, sweet dream.

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