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Washing Machine OOS

House’s washing machine out of service. Few weeks back, it could wash but it couldn’t spin. Since yesterday, it can’t wash but can spin. It can’t be used anymore because the water keeps filling and cannot stop.

I think, it’s time to buy a new washing machine. Or somebody would like to donate old washing machine? 😉

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reply to last comment – aiya, why so sexist? anyway, the wife must still use a washing machine right? or do you still make your wife wash your dirty underwear with her hands???

hey little bro, if u want to buy second hand washing machine i highly suggest not to take that route at all, cause i’ve seen friends of mine that bought one from a certain shop in jalan kuching …and it went on the fritz after 2 months leh….if i were u, just buya new one at carrefour , they have easy payment scheme as well as free delivery to your house, take it easy now kiddo …worse come to worse , u could ask your very sexy housemate to do the laundry for ya .hehhehhehehhe


ya right! paulie walnut – lost a few nuts in the head or what?…:)

the only laundry i’ll do for paul is his money laundering…!!

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