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Where Does Malaysian Tax Payer Money Goes?

Our Kerajaan, collect million ringgit of tax from us every year, but I still driving on the poor quality roads, insecure bridges, rock fall highways, high traffic expressway and etc. Do they really well utilize the money?

For example; expand the roads, maintain the roads, improve the public transportations and make sure LRT don’t fall down from the lane OR the wheels don’t hit any rakyat walking on the street? Hardly see it my friend, try to drive on Jalan Kuching from Duta to Selayang, there are so many big holes on the road, and I also seen motorcyclist met accident because of they wanted to avoid ride into the big holes.

Again, where is the tax payer money goes to? It was spent for some brainless government servants again, for stupid meeting at 5 stars hotel. Can you sit quietly and look at those brain of their asses people spend our money Just Like That? I can’t, I cannot.

Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) is spending public funds for a luxurious meeting at a hilltop resort.

There have been two other incidents prior to this. Two years ago, councillors for 2004-2006 term held a seminar in Guoman, Port Dickson.

there was this 10-day working trip to South Africa nine months ago by MPS president Zainal Abidin Azim, secretary Jamri Basni and the rest of the councillors. The expenditure amounted to more than RM94,000 and was held in a five-star hotel. The amount included the purchase of tuxedos worth a whopping RM2,500 each.

Do always remember their name, how they spent our hard earning peluh money.

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just to state

PBT(Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan) earn their money from Cukai Pintu
Kerajaan Negeri earn their money from Hasil Cukai Tanah or others
Kerajaan Persekutuan earn their money from US, the tax payers

so in this case, the MPS use their money(also from us) , not us the tax payers

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