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Who You Support in World Cup 2006 Germany?

Who and which team I will wake up in the middle of the night and enjoy the match during World Cup? Hehe, list below…

10 replies on “Who You Support in World Cup 2006 Germany?”

i watch brazil, argen, holland.

watching all Korea and Japan matches is must, support Asia.

maybe i will also watch Arab, see this year they kena sooot how many goals… kekeke…

This world cup will produce a surprise winner – PORTUGAL. (my prediction)

CONSERVATIVE prediction: – Brazil is the strongest team (among the favourites) and stands the best chance to carry the cup. France a close second and England have their best chance since 1966.

Whoever wins, be prepared for one of the best world cups ever (of course last world cup in Korea and Japan was THE BEST)

I wish i had taken a month away from work. (Last world cup – came back from Siwtzerland for a football holiday in penang). The best feeling in the world – just lepak by the beach and then back to hotel to watch games.

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