Get your own Domain Name from Yahoo

Do you have your own domain name? If yes then how many domain name do you own?? Some people might own 20-30 domain name or may be more. If you don’t have your own domain name, try to get for yourself now. But how to get it?

Why to have your own Domain Name?
It represent “you” in the cyber world!! Just like my weblog,, represent my website, my weblog, my websphere., is my freelancing company domain name. Just imagine, when i am away, in oversea, my parent/family would like to know how am I doing over _there_, they can log on to check for my latest “update”, isn’t that good? Yea.. my dad read my weblog every day.

Some of the most popular people like,,,, and etc has their own domain name, represent themselve.

Where to get a domain name?
Getting a domain name isn’t that hard, Yahoo domain is offering domain name at very low price, you can check it out from official website.

The question: When I have my domain, how to get my website online?
You need a host to host your website, If you are registering a domain name from Yahoo, Yahoo domain also offering web hosting to host your webmail.

So now, what are you waiting for? Grad now and start your own website!

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