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YOYO! Uglymen ROCKS!

I, on behalf of Uglymen special thank to people who support uglymen;
Lin taking the pictures.
Becky and friends from Klang
– King and gf
– People in Halo Cafe
Danny, want to come but no people accompany

But not;
– Chua and Max who FFK 😛
– Andrew Ong, for god sake he went to Genting but didn’t come for the 1 hour Uglymen show.

Last, thank you very much Kenny Tay for bring us the very good news, Uglymen debut album release end of this month 🙂

And, here is the pictures;


Mike talk cock

Suan sing Da Fei Kei

Mike and Suan, my guitar master!!

Metal, Asia Best Bassist 🙂

My favourite drummer, Kai Juinn

3 replies on “YOYO! Uglymen ROCKS!”

wat a fantastic nite!!
now i need Strepsils!!!
Uglymen are awesome guys!!
too bad for those who didin’t attend the concert

with all the gerli finger skill (for guitar la of cos)
strong beat frm bass and drum
u will throw away all the pressure/burden/gf/bf/x-gf/x-bf/watefer … bla bla bla at that moment!

Uglymen rocks!!!

a thousand thanks to my k-brother paul ooi and all his colleagues, frens who attended the gig. thanks to king, lin, becky and their frens and whomever i may have left out.


Paul… so sorry din say goodbye to you that day… I saw you really enjoy and concentrate that night, so im not going to kacau you…. That day i have to leave early because 1 of my friend have to work on Sunday.. aiks…. if no sure i will stay untill “uglymen” finish sing all the songs there… hehe…. their music really rock!!!

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