Public Holiday?

Public Holiday?
Today is public holiday wor, but we also need to work wor, sien. No jam this morning, from house to office only 10mins, normally took about 20-25mins to reach office. Nobody come early today, Sogua is the first who reach office and siting at the mamak wait somebody to open the door. Today the weather is warm, you can see Sogua sweating, so kho lian tai.

WordPress Image Browser
星 is asking me what image browser am I using for WordPress. Here is the list of wordpress plugin, a lot of plugin you can play with. I am using Iimage browser for my wordpress, simple and straight forward for the installation, upload the files and configure the setting. Well 星, I think you are better than me on configuration right? 🙂

Soma – Jaring Wireless
One of the office colleague subscribed to Jaring wireless. Using the Soma? device, the hardware “LOOK” nice. Max tested the connection, doesn’t seem stable and disconnected once in a while. The cons is it do not have wireless signal indicator, which mean you can’t know how strong is the signal on your current location. Beside that, you don’t even know what is the current status the wireless is. Well, if you house do not have TMNuts Streamyx, you can try Jaring SOMA, how is the performance? Not recommend if you not really need the internet. 😉

Cheese tech team

Choc bought from German, thank Lih Yi

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  1. come on, u ate the white choc first then baru take picture, how can, the choc initially was very pretty one…..

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