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Perl p5-Text-Iconv corrupted

Sometime, it’s very hard for me to find out what is the problem with Perl module. After taking time on debugging on my Perl module, just found out my Perl Text-Iconv module problem, I think must be after FreeBSD portupgrade problem. Took me long time to debug the problem. Finally, it’s done, just make deinstall clean and portinstall again the perl module 🙂 I can bath now.. Thank Mr Perl / p5

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Pensonic’s Friends Launched!

From my previous post, I mentioned I was busy with a project, which is now officially launch – Pensonic’s Friends interactive website. Check out our local talents, singers, DJs and Chef on Pensonic’s Friends website, have a chat with them, interact with them. Give them some support and know more about them.

Amber Chia, Sharifah Armani, Alan Yun, Steve Yap and etc.. Have fun with them!

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MSN Messenger Virus

Warning in MSN Messenger, if your friend is sending you message to click on a link, similar with the picture shown above. Please do not click, it’s a virus site. Sometime, I am thinking is MSN Messenger safe to use? 🙂

TMNET - Malaysia ISP

Go to chat with CEO of TMNet

TMNet is organising a dialogue session with CEO on 30th August 2005 @ a Cafe. If you are free, go there give him suggestion and voice out your disatisfaction. I don’t go, because I need to monitor servers have downtime or not!

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the late reply, we were finalizing a few things on this session.
Firstly, please be informed that the date has been postponed.
The details is as follows:

Date : 30th August 2005 (Tuesday)
Time : 8.00pm – 10.30 pm
Venue: Chatters Café, No. 125 & 127, Jln SS17/1A,
47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Kindly forward the details of the bloggers who will be joining the dialogue session, as per requested in my previous e-mail to enable us to communicate with them directly on the dialogue session.

1. Full name of blogger
2. Blogger’s id
3. Blog URL/ website address that comments are posted
4. Hand phone number of blogger
5. E-mail address of blogger

Thank You.

Best Regards,

Zety Kamal
Public Relations Unit
TM Net Sdn Bhd
03-8319 3422

Paul-琮政 Life

Happy Birthday Dino

Happi Birthday Dino-sor cai. A lot of colleague having birthday this month, because of a lot birthday in this month, we also eaten a lot of cakes 🙂 I also want to thank for beloved colleague who bought me birthday cake 🙂


Wei, take da cake la.. want Meera hold for how long 😛

Banana Andrew bought him banana

Here come.. take out the candles and serv us

Now you know, you deserve the cake, you deserve the serv 😛

Everybody waiting .. Haha

Danny got it :), Meera… what ya doing huh