TM Net Netmyne down

Today, TM Net Netmyne data center connection down again from 6:15pm – 7:45pm. The cause? Their router hang. Router hang, why does the router hang? No explaination given. One more downtime, I am going to write a complain letter to MCMC. But I don’t think it help, we wrote before to MCMC, but no respond… Continue reading TM Net Netmyne down

Uglymen CD is OUT NOW!

Uglymen debut cd is OUT !!! I am going to collect now! It’s so exciting!! — after 1 hour — What that I am so excited? It’s hard to explain why, but I will let you all know later. You will think it’s not my album, why am I so damn happy! But my life… Continue reading Uglymen CD is OUT NOW!

First Mambo Content Management System Training

SEACEM a helds a Mambo Content Management System Training last Thursday. The training is was specially for Non-Government(al) Organisations in Malaysia.

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Self made mobile phone handfree

There are thousand(s) (of) types of mobile phone hand(s)free in the market. Sometime(s) it’s (hard) to make up your mind which hand(s)free to buy.

TM Net Streamyx Suck

Sometime, during surfing or doing work with TM Net Streamyx Broadband service, I will get the “Tempoarily out of resourse, please try again later.” message. I think it’s TM Net Streamyx Proxy server error message, I have collected this print screen stupid message from few people. Seriously, the 8 million rebranding company, they don’t even… Continue reading TM Net Streamyx Suck