1. Last Sunday (11th Sept) night, when I was on the way back to Kelaka Jaya from Melaka, and passing by the Cyberjaya, it was hazy! The smoky smell can be sensed in the car, and visibility is significantly low.

    However, when reached Subang, the condition was much better. Obviously, it was affecting Cyberjaya

  2. yea.. my car was very clean yesterday when i reached office early in the morning and parked outside. guess what when i get my car after work. it full of dust and dirts like few weeks din wash car.

  3. or perhaps there are fires in cyberjaya… and that has been causing the haze, or least contributing to it, in KL. It’s just too convenient for the authorities to blame it all on the hot-spots in Indonesia.

  4. No! No haze. No. Jangan dengar khabar-khabar angin tu. Itu foreign influence untuk menjatuhkan nama baik Malaysia. Jangan dengar khabar angin…

  5. yes tuna… perhaps the skies are blurry because we all have bad eyesight. (not enough carrots in the malaysian diet). today’s star paper – peat fires in cyberjaya, other parts of klang valley…

  6. Yes housemate! Kita perlu mengambil tindakan-tindakan yang sewajarnya untuk improve apa nama… itu eye sight of the rakyat. Apabila langkah-langkah yang berkesan telah dilaksanakan, kita akan berupaya untuk menangani pelbagai masalah and dapat melihat kejayaan dan pencapaian Wawasan 2020.

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