There He Goes

tua pui chuaAfter 1 year and 6 months working with Ah Chua, today is his last day in the company, heh.. kinda sad leh… nobody can have breakfast with me early morning(usually other colleagues came in quiet late) at the mamak downstair, nobody will wank about php framework with me in the office with me, nobody talking about php classes with me, less people let me kacau, less people cock with me, cannot hear someone said, “No Good la.. no money”… cannot listen chinese oldies songs…

Heh.. Ah Fei Chua, when you ask him, “Hey Fatty, how are you?”, I am sure he only, always, all the time answer you, “Bad la, no money la….”. He is that kind of person, always said no money, I always tell him don’t say no money, because the more you said no money, then one day you become no money leh.. haha..

Thanks Paul,
for always argue with me. without you, i think i’m still a stupid programmer. you are the one who make me to look for new tech, alternative solution, new ideas and etc.

That’s the email he sent out to tech, part for me.. LoL… ya.. neither me, nobody will argue with me on programming, and fight to read In-Tech or Computimes first.. also borrow his Personal Money to read.. Hahah.. and meet J.Lim for lunch. By the way, you don’t so humble la, you are expert programmer, what stupid…. so insulting leh you!

And I think, most of us will miss chua superb laptop towel, and his KL hokkien slang hahaha… well, all the best to you tua pui kia!!!


  1. No worry la, i’ll still online, we crab online.
    expert? i’m not expert la!
    so many expert out there.
    i only know a bit more and know how to cock,
    not pro somemore cannot categories as expert la.
    ok next time need to change liao, say “Not enough money”

  2. yea, i did notice that when i was in kl. chua saying – not fine la, no money la 🙂

    chua, i know what you mean but like paul said, it doesn’t sound nice. after all, money is almost everything, but not everything.

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