Apa Khabar TMNet Streamyx User?

I received an email from TMNet for a Dialogue Session with Michael Lai in August last year. I didn’t turn up for the dialogue session last year because it was held on 30th August, which fell on Merdeka Eve day. Who’s gonna drive in a jam to Subang Chaters Cafe just to have a chat?

Last week, I received an email from TMNet again. It was from the Public Relations Manager. TMNet’s Public Relations Manager would like to help TMNet’s user who have problems and to try to solve their problems. She requested contact details for users who were having TMNet Streamyx problems. If you think she can help, or you hope she can help you, email her!

I have already made a complain to her relating to TMNet’s Netmyne data centre in Brickfields which does not have a 24/7 support. And the cooling system is bad, creating over-heating to my server and it sometimes hang and does not work, causing downtime too.

I wonder will this help? As I always say, it’s the attitude problem with some TMNet staff. I have complained about the cooling system in TMNet Netmyne Data Centre in Brickfields since July 2005 but they always say ‘next month will install more airconds’. But until today, which is April 2006, they still haven’t added any new airconds yet.

Countless phone complaints and email complaints have been given to them. They still treat me like an idiot, which is by not responding to the issue and not getting a reply from them. This is very disappointing. So, don’t you think it’s their attitude problem? TMNet belongs to Telekom Malaysia, few biji (units) aircond also can’t afford? But can afford to expand business in overseas? What a joke!

Countless TMNet complaints here and Google even ranks my blog on top when you search TMNet Netmyne.

So, got complaint? Email to asmaziz##tmnet.com.my, she will try her best to assist you.

p.s: replace “##” to “@”,


  1. Is this one of those “you don’t complain you don’t get a fix” situation?! Or do they just don’t understand they need to fix their network and service! Sounds like they are just interested in calming down angry users and not necessary trying to fix the problem with their network and service. Sigh.

  2. Paul Tan, bad air conditioning is one, another is no 24/7 support.

    Wu, CanRou, You are right.. I not sure why they have PR people to fix but then the people who work in the centre..

  3. Is sending email to asmaziz##tmnet.com.my still applicable today? I’m having some problems with the routing on their Brickfields gateway and I just don’t know who to send the email to. I’ve sent out many emails and have yet to receive any replies. I honestly don’t know if someone is actually looking on the matter and fixing their gateway. The problem I’m currently facing is that my website is viewable by only certain people from certain places, while others will not be able to access my site. When doing traceroutes, those people who can’t access seems to be stucked at the IP, which is the TMNet Brickfields gateway IP.

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