Haze Is Like Malaysian Season

YeaH! Haze is back, why you people keep on complaining? Don’t you know haze is Malaysia season?

It comes every year, yea right, it’s like festive, visit very once a year. Even though it was very serious last year, some so so government bodies said take action and shit like that. So what now? when you walking down the street, you nampak apa? Haze. Panas(hot) tak? Panas.

You have to biasa la, what can we do? Even the Indonesia minister said something like William Hung said, “We have done our best”. What to do? drink more, drink more… You know I know you depend on this people is hopeless, drink more water keep on health instead of open the mouth complain and sucking the unhealthy air.

Haha, I can’t imagine, Visit Malaysia 2007 to see haze, Hahaha!

Haze from Last Year


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