TMNet Streamyx Online Petition

Visit and sign if you are not satisfied with TMNut Streamyx services. It doesn’t help much when you sign it, but research show it can make you happy to release your tensions toward bad TM’s bad services.

Visit the website and prove TMNet Streamyx services is bad like hell.

By the way, I am happy because I just downgraded my TMNut Streamyx and cancelled stupid Hotspot wireless during weekend.

Now I save RM38/month. Which i save up to RM456/year, and RM456 can be donated for charity instead donate to TMNet. Even throwing it into river could make me a happy man.


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  2. Please don’t say like that, Streamyx THE BEST!!!!!!!
    After “Visit Malaysia 2007: Tols”
    Should have a “Invenst in Malaysia 2007(in fact, any year) : Streamyx”

  3. damn embarrassing Streamyx, embarrassing the country, embarrassing the trust of the consumer, embarrassing the whole wide world…take a look at singapore…such a tiny country…but better than local…

    its because of the country goverment….that lack of management of this country….
    So next time…..don’t vote for them…..

    thats all i can say…. it will not help…notthing can help in this country with complaining…even MCA also dont give a shit..THEY WILL NOT CARE….so, whos the problem now….not streamyx for sure… the politician who makes such a stupid culture…

    Is that true BT & emule gonna say goodbye?

  4. guys u got all wrong .. This year visit malaysia 2007 right… so in conjunction wit that all tmnet user are encourage to only visit and use web sites, application, programs from malaysia only. No going out of malaysia. 4 sure they going to limit us from going out malaysia servers.. my friend from U.S.A connect to server down here he had a latency of 200+. I connect to them now is 2000+ ( used to be 200+) aiya so the malu 1 oh.

  5. so boring dunno y i kept dcing. can u guy help? im a avid gamer so most of my time is spend on gaming online but the FAG streamyx service kept on dcing n lagging all over. WTF. nw my connection r limit to only 5 min or 10 min and then i dc. dunno y i subscribe to tis sucky isp provider anyway. BIG MISTAKE!!! dun ever, NEVER subscribe to tmnet. MAXIS is da new isp provider. SCREW TMNET.

  6. TM Streamyx really suck!! provide lowest bandwidth. Charge us high cost.
    Complain for few times but result also same. The line always unstable.
    Always disconnect. wanna chatting also cannot, feel malu.
    on9 for few minute then dc.

  7. I feel like I’m at home here. Thanks for sharing, guys. I hate Streamyx with a vengeance. I subscribed for around a year (RM88), but had so much problems from the get-go and the problems presisted and were never resolved. The only thing that improved is the outlandishness of their excuses and it got so sickening that even valid excuses (such as the Taiwan earthquake – hey, but there were already problems way before that) become irrelevant and insignificant.

    I stupidly paid the bills all throughout the best part of the subscription even as I only managed to get slow-assed connections on weekends. How that qualified as ‘always-on’, I think TM Screamyx should really try to explain to us. While waiting, I eventually stopped paying them. I also didn’t bother to terminate the service because I felt that the extra effort is really pointless as my subscription is as good as if it wasn’t there to begin with.

    So they continued charging me for three months before terminating my account. Until now, they have been sending me bills asking me to pay around RM300. I just leave it to rot because I know I am justified in feeling that TM should instead be compensating me for: a) reneging on their basic promise; b) severely disrupting my work-from home setup (considering that they heavily targeted people like me through their ‘work-from-home’ promotion – I’m sure you all came across that expensive-looking advert with a single mother happily working from home while expounding on the many virtues of TM’s service – which I stupidly gobbled up to my detriment); c) wasting my time giving them the benefit of the doubt hoping they might improve eventually, which sadly, didn’t come into play. Not to mention wasting my sanity, as I am made to run around like a headless chicken trying to figure out how to keep working under these crazy conditions.

    I read somewhere on this blog that people are sometimes patronized and made to feel stupid when trying to lodge a complaint with TM. My experience with them was not, by hindsight too pleasing either, but I had one thing to say to them: When I was studying in San Francisco and DSL was still newfangled, I managed to get it up and running with very little issues save for the initial setup, which was within reason. After that, I only had to periodically reset the modem to maintain a good connection. I don’t know why it has to be such a nightmare here. My point is, rather than TM being so quick to blame the customers (who are largely setup-savvy anyways) and patronizing them in the hope to buy some time (for what, I shudder to speculate – you can do your own), they should really think about seriously resolving this chronic structural problem once and for all. And no – glossier ads will not help people get connected.

    And people are wondering why Malaysians are unproductive. I really don’t think it’s the drugs, it’s the screwed-up infrastructure being run by ignorant incompetents who insist on running things this way! From internet service, to severely inefficient traffic-light behaviors, to cracks in the ceiling of landmarks of national importance…and everything in between. It’s been 50 years – are we right now improving the country or squandering the legacy of the founding fathers and steering it into a slow and shaming deterioration?

    At the end of the day, it’s guys like us who should be thanked because whether *they* like it or not, the collective noises we make can at least prevent people from sweeping problems under the ‘tikar anyam’, which is largely the root cause of the problem worsening. Have these guys not heard of ‘early detection’ saves lives? The same principle is applicable both to cancers of the body, and to cancers of our culture. Keep it up, friends and fellow countrypersons! And Peace.

  8. Yes, TM Net sucks! BIG time !
    They have LAME excuses.
    In line with that uneducated & term “GLOKAL” coined by whomever… TM Net is simply LOCAL..
    JAGUH KAMPUNG saja lah..

    Msg to TMNET Management (I’m not sure whether they really know how to access email or not);
    1) Internet is not a luxury thingy anymore, IT IS A NECESSITY.
    2) Try to go out of this country & see how other ISPs run their business, tak yah lah jadi katak bawah tempurung saja.
    3) Your promise of trying to rectify problem in 2 business days is CRAP. Kelentong orang kampung this & that boleh lah! 2 days is too damn long, idiots!
    4) Stop dreaming, sooner or later you will lose gazillions of potential & current customers.

  9. there is slogan everywhere..” Malaysia Boleh” Boleh, BoleH,..
    WTF !!! My grandmother boleh.
    come on, dont just talk cock only, action speak louder than word.
    most customers complaining of your fucking service every seconds.
    TM nut people really tak tau malu.
    TM = tak tau malu.

  10. hey you stupid assfaces, I’m tired of the wretched and imcompetent service by tmnet, every fucking time I call their blasted phone line ,1-300-88-9515, they make feel like an asshole, asking me to bypass the splitter and do it again and again, until it works, these things are electronics, not magic, if it doesn’t work the first time, then it probably won’t the second time. These arsefuckers then make me wait and give me some stupid number I have to write down, and ask me to wait again for two working days. What the hell is up with that. 9 out of ten times when I called Tmnet it usually is a technical hitch on their side, not mine. As always, its always the port thats hung up somewhere. How the hell is that my problem…..One of the shittiest, most incompetent ISPs ever. Isnt 1Mbs supposed to be 125 KBs ? then why the fcuk are my downloads superslow? 77 bucks for a dodgy 1Mbs aint worth a shit . Up yours tmnet and those stupid corporate penguins . This shithole nation has seen many glaring examples of inept social and corporate conduct, tmnet streamyx is one of the top ten.

  11. Start from last week, I had been disconnected several time one day when I was playing online game. Even It is also the same thing happen at this moment. Can you please help me to check out what really happen to the connections. Thank you for your quick reply.

  12. i m not happy with co bill,i’ll more than 4months can’t use it steamyx,how can ur somemore charge me,i complain n complain,i going to take action if ur not reply me.

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