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Breaking News: Haze kills Malaysian

I want to die looo… look at the weather in KL!!

Today the weather is worse than yesterday. Walking to lunch, I couldn’t really breathe. What’s happening? Why is there no rain?
Now, (when) you walk on the street also got da bloody smell.. aii…

Paul-琮政 Life


Nowday Nowadays the weather is damn hazzy hazy. felt Feel uncomfortable, uneasy, unhealth(y), unwanted 😛 Hehe, beside(s) that, it is very HOT. August adi… where is da RAIN… RAIN… PLEASE COME RAIN… LoL 🙂 By the way, please drink water my friend(s).. (or) else (you’ll) easily fall in sick… SICK… I HATE (BEING) SICK… Water, need to fix the water filter!

Normally you can see Genting from here. (pic took yesterday)

Normally, you can see KLCC and KL Tower here (Pic took yesterday)

today is clearer, hope the clean air coming comes back sooooooon

Paul-琮政 Life

Finished moving, it is time to arrange..

Tiring Saturday and Sunday, went out shop around to get stuff… Now, is time to figure out how to arrange my stuff..

Heh, room is a mess!

Another mess

Haha, bought myself a bookshelf

Just found out Astro decoder is stylish

Got to find a place to locate my guitar amp and gadgets

Da study room / wireless gateway

Kitchen! that’s some junk food

Dining / my current work place

housmate working place.. huhu

tennis court view from my room

Got to fix the water filter!

Paul-琮政 Life

Welcome back Bhushan?

In my dream, I heard my handphone ring. Maybe a friend wishing me ‘Happy Birthday’. Oh no, it’s not a dream…my handphone is actually ringing – @ 5:45am! Who is calling me so early? ah… It’s Bhushan. Yea.. his flight’s at 7am so he must wanna wish me Happy Birthday before he flies off…

Paul: “Hello Bhushan, yes?”
Bhushan: “Paul, I have a problem here. I can’t return to Nepal….. bla bla bla”
Paul: “Huh??? Hah??? Huh???”

Due to some reason, Bhushan told me he can’t go back to Nepal. I was planning to continue sleeping…but I felt he needed my help… so, I drove to KLIA to offer him some help…

Ah.. pity this friend. It’s very important for him to return to Nepal as he has a lot planned for today in Nepal. He is sad and I am sad for him too.. .Cheer up bro, nvm… you can go home back this coming Tuesday, spend more time with us, and yea…you can join my birthday + gathering session tonight!

He is sad in the airport, all his plans need to be cancelled. (picture idea from

I am taking care of his bags while he goes to get his luggage back, which is on the plane.

Paul-琮政 Life

Good Bye Bhushan

Yea… Nepali Times project accomplished. It’s time to say Bye Bye to Bhushan. Learnt a lot of thing from him. Wish you have a good journey back to Nepal. Keep in touch my friend.

Haha bro, all the best