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Hack In The Box Conference

This year, Hack In The Box Conference is on 26th – 29th Sept 05. There are 6 trainings for the conference;

TECH TRAINING 1: Web Application – Attacks and Defense by Shreeraj Shah Founder/Director, Net-Square Consulting

TECH TRAINING 2: Exploiting & Defending Networks by Nish BhallaVP Consulting Solutions, Security Compass

TECH TRAINING 3: War Driving Kuala Lumpur by Anthony Zboralski (Gaius), Founder Hackers Emergency Response Team (HERT) & Jim Geovedi, Information Security Consultant PT Bellua Asia Pacific.

TECH TRAINING 4: Packet Mastering The Monkey Way by Dr. Jose NazarioSenior Software Engineer, Arbor Networks and Marius Eriksen Software Engineer,

TECH TRAINING 5: Digital Investigations: Practical Digital Forensic Analysis by The Grugq

TECH TRAINING 6: Hacking By Numbers: Guerilla Edition by Christoff Breytenbach

I have registered Tech Training 1 + Conference. Join me and meet hackers-hackers in Malaysia 🙂

Paul-琮政 Life

Mambo Training

I will be conducting Mambo CMS training on 25th August 2005 for NGO under SEACEM project. Please click here for more information.

Malaysia Open Source Magazine website also powered by Mambo 🙂

Paul-琮政 Life

Today slighly better a bit only

3:12pm, better.. better… We want heavy rain!

Compare with yesterday pictures, today is slightly better

Paul-琮政 Life

Haze Update

1:37pm, another at 3pm, i could not see condo opposite me

12pm now, strong wind is blowing at me… carrying THE HAZE

Paul-琮政 Life

Hazilla eaten Klang Valley

Malaysians live under the haze. Today (is) worse than yesterday, expecting tomorrow to be worse than today. Drink more my dear friends, don’t fall sick, stay @ home or stay in (the) office. Please wear (a) mask as well.

I have headache now… can’t open my eyes… Here are the exclusive pictures of today, please click on the pictures to enlarge. Let’s pray heavy rain(s) come soon and bring down Mr Hazilla!

Pictures taken in Kuala Lumpur, LRT Stations and KLCC.

KL with haze

In Hartamas

Sun behind the haze

In Bangsar

Bangsar LRT

LRT Station

LRT comes in the haze

Stesen Pasar Seni

KL Sentral

outside KLCC

Security guard with mask


Twin Towers and the hidden Sun

chit chatting with tourist from England