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Malaysiakini Temporary Offline – Hardware Failures

Press Release from Malaysiakini

Dear Readers and Subscribers,

Malaysiakini would like to apologise for a series of disruptions to our services over the last 10 days. The disruptions were caused by hardware failures within the key Malaysiakini servers.

Since Malaysiakini published the exclusive interview with Tun Dr Mahathir on May 23rd, 2006, readership and subscription have nearly doubled. In the month of June, Malaysiakini delivered over 18.9 million pageviews. During peak days, the Malaysiakini servers have delivered over a million pages a day, to over 100,000 visitors. Our current servers were not able to handle the traffic load, creating a series of failures which led to the disruption.

In order to cope with the higher demand, Malaysiakini will be investing in more servers as well as moving the servers to Malaysia’s leading datacentre AIMS. Our technology team will be completing the move by August 20th.

We trust that there will be minimal disruptions. Readers and Subscribers will enjoy faster access once the move has been completed.

For further information, please contact our customer services department on 03-22835567 x 102.

Thank you for your support.

Premesh Chandran


Why Microsoft Office is Expensive

Yesterday, my friend said he wants to buy Microsoft Office 2003 for his office uses, and he asked me wether I know what is the price of the software. I told him it’s expensive, may be he can try to use Open Office, it’s Open Source Software and free.

Open Office has the functions that normal word processing software has. He said, why not check out the price first and decide what to choose later. I told him, a Microsoft Office Pro is RM1070, and he needs 2, one for him and another for the secretary. So, the total would be RM2140.

He reaction was, “Wow, so expensive, I can buy another AMD PC isn’t it?”. I said yes, it’s expensive, because…

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Congratulation Malaysiakini Chinese Edition

Congratulation to KP for the 1st Anniversary of Malaysiakini Chinese Edition. He is the one who on the left, punching my big tummy and on the right is KK, the one and only journalist when Malaysiakini chinese edition just started. To me, both of them have put on a lot of effort to run the chinese section, they have created something special for the chinese community, some news that you can’t read from the RM1.30 daily newspaper. KP has helped me to report and follow up on my teacher accident too.

From 2 person becomes a team of 4 people, although when you heard FOUR people, sound like a small team. But, their passion on the quality news report, the hard work they put on to bring the pure news to your laptop/computer, it means a lot compare with those giant but not solid main stream media.

Keep up the good work, and sorry that I can’t turn up on the 1st Anniversary event. Always support you guys.

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Excuse Me

Guy: I am going to peee. You wait me the other side k?
Girl: O.k