MyIX – Malaysia Internet Exchange Center

Today, MyIX officially launch by Y.B Dato’ Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik, Minister of Energy, Water and Telecommunication. There are 3 nodes connected MyIX which located at AIMS, NCC and TPM. Pictures of one of the node located in AIMS(Applied Information Management Services).

AIMS NOC Entrance

AIMS NOC Monitoring System

AIMS NOC Network Operation Center

MyIX node in AIMS Data Center

MyIX Info:

MyIX Nodes: AIMS, Fiberail NCC, TPM Jaring

MyIX Founding Members: TM, Jaring, AIMS

MyIX Peering Members: Maxis, Time, Digi, Nasioncom, Heitech Padu, MyKris, Airzed, Extreme Broadband, VDSL, EBTech, Freenet, Bizsurf, Paneagle and CNX


  1. Pls refer to the URL “”, there was a typo error i.e. “On 14 September 206”.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Would like to find out the source of the above pictures on MyIX. I am from MyIX and would like to have the pictures in new MyIX website as well brochure.

    Please advise the necessary.

    Many thanks.

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