Public Holiday?

Public Holiday? Today is public holiday wor, but we also need to work wor, sien. No jam this morning, from house to office only 10mins, normally took about 20-25mins to reach office. Nobody come early today, Sogua is the first who reach office and siting at the mamak wait somebody to open the door. Today… Continue reading Public Holiday?


walauei 怎样做工哦, connection慢到鬼那么样,死伯羡慕 sogua 的 server 什么事都没有, 继续弄他的东东! 同一间公司, 但是服务就相差天跟地… 由于此 post 关系到商业性的问题, 所以就用了华语来篇. 真猪懒… how to do work.. 浪费时间