Hey Google? Bush = Failure?

Google search engine is my mentor/teacher/helper. Sometime, I found out google search engine also entertainting, like using the I am feeling lucky search.

Malaysiakini Chinese Version launch

当今大马 chinese version having official launching today. Wow.. supricingly, a lot people coming to the launch, I think it’s a good start 🙂 Speakers speakers interesting talk Crowd Our chinese editor SOS That’s me, blogging 🙂

Good bye Bhushan

Finally, Bhushan is back to Nepal. Safely landed home, having good time with his beloved gf. Take care my friend, and what we did for his last day in Malaysia. We bring him out for dinner! At first, we are think of bringing him to have Prawn Noodle for dinner. But end him we having… Continue reading Good bye Bhushan