Perl p5-Text-Iconv corrupted

Sometime, it’s very hard for me to find out what is the problem with Perl module. After taking time on debugging on my Perl module, just found out my Perl Text-Iconv module problem, I think must be after FreeBSD portupgrade problem. Took me long time to debug the problem. Finally, it’s done, just make deinstall… Continue reading Perl p5-Text-Iconv corrupted

Pensonic’s Friends Launched!

From my previous post, I mentioned I was busy with a project, which is now officially launch – Pensonic’s Friends interactive website. Check out our local talents, singers, DJs and Chef on Pensonic’s Friends website, have a chat with them, interact with them. Give them some support and know more about them. Amber Chia, Sharifah… Continue reading Pensonic’s Friends Launched!

MSN Messenger Virus

Warning in MSN Messenger, if your friend is sending you message to click on a link, similar with the picture shown above. Please do not click, it’s a virus site. Sometime, I am thinking is MSN Messenger safe to use? 🙂

Happy Birthday Dino

Happi Birthday Dino-sor cai. A lot of colleague having birthday this month, because of a lot birthday in this month, we also eaten a lot of cakes 🙂 I also want to thank for beloved colleague who bought me birthday cake 🙂 Blow Wei, take da cake la.. want Meera hold for how long 😛… Continue reading Happy Birthday Dino