Why is Telekom Malaysia So Rich?

2 days ago, I told you Telekom Malaysia’s billing system is a big mess. Besides not wanting to print additional page for me, now they demand a pakcik (elderly man) to pay RM806,400,000,000,000.01 in telephone bills. Pakcik Wahab nearly fainted when he saw the bill amount had so many zeros at the back.

For me, I would have surely fainted and pretend to be dead. RM800 trillion telephone bill – how to pay off? My grandson of my grandson and great grandson of my son also would’nt finish paying the bill. By year 2020, also cannot. I wonder how is it possible to make RM800 trillion in calls? 😀

I believe the dept collector from Sungai Petani sure felt happy till thought of dying. Why? RM800 trillion – he/she just takes 10% of the amount, then can break his/her legs and hands and spend the rest of his/her life relaxing with the money. Even the great great grandson and gang can break hands/legs together.

I grew up in Alor Setar, Kedah. In my entire life (even tho’ I am just 20+), I only know a place called Alor Setar in Kedah. But Pakcik Wahab’s bill addressed to Alor Setar, Penang. Oh, who’s the alien on earth been to Alor Setar, Penang before? Or maybe the programmer/developer should learn some geography. Alor Setar is in Kedah, bukan(not) Penang!

Pakcik, I support you, you should sue them because they nearly made you faint. Please la, Pakcik already 63 years old, don’t play this kind of fear factor thing on him.

The full story on NST

Confusing TMNet Billing

I received my TMNet bill 2 days ago. I was confused how come it charged me RM122.71 when I subscribed for the RM88 package. Then I suspected it might be from my TMNet Hotspot?

So I logged on to TMNet customer billing site, using firefox. I tried to retrieve my March bill, but it seemed like nothing happened when I clicked ‘to retrieve’. Then I suspected that the billing site doesn’t support Firefox, so I had to switch to Internet Explorer!

Ahhhaaa… Now it showed the online bill. It was 2 pages. But the bill sent to my house was only 1 page.

This is the bill delivered to my home.

This is the online bill.

Usually I don’t use Hotspot but because I worked in a freaking place last month with bad internet connectivity, I had no choice. Does anybody know how to deactivate TMNet Hotspot? Because it charged me RM18/month!

TMNet Support Centre

I know you will ask me to call that freaking 1-300-88-1500, but I have a fear calling that freaking number cos’ after calling them so many times last month they still could not solve my problems.

See my phone bill? Called them twice last month, on average spent 12 minutes talking to them explain my difficulties. But they ended up not giving me any good solutions. Which I mentioned here before. Mind you, the calls were about 12 minutes, but the conversation was less than 5 minutes. If you have called TMNet support centre before, you should be familiar with this;

“Our customer xxx is busy, please wait and we will xxx you shortly ##stupid music/misleading advertising playing## Our customer xxx is busy, please wait and we will xxx you shortly ##stupid music/misleading advertising playing## Our customer xxx is busy, please wait and we will xxx you shortly ##stupid music/misleading advertising playing##Our customer xxx is busy, please wait and we will xxx you shortly ##stupid music/misleading advertising playing## Our customer xxx is busy, please wait and we will xxx you shortly ##stupid music/misleading advertising playing## Our customer xxx is busy, please wait and we will xxx you shortly ##stupid music/misleading advertising playing## Our customer xxx is busy, please wait and we will xxx you shortly ##stupid music/misleading advertising playing## Our customer xxx is busy, please wait and we will xxx you shortly ##stupid music/misleading advertising playing##”.

Yes, exactly. I spent so much time waiting them to serve me and they didn’t solve my problem. Don’t you have a fear for calling them too? Jerry recorded the conversation once.

Another thing, if they tell you that they will solve your problem in 5 days, it’s actually 5 “working” days. So if your problem falls during a weeked, sorry to hear that 😉

Last Edited(12th April 2006): If they promised to solve your problem in 48 hours, actually it’s 48 working hours. 48hours / 8hours mean they solve your problem in 6 days! We have the conversation recorded. Download it here.

Apa Khabar TMNet Streamyx User?

I received an email from TMNet for a Dialogue Session with Michael Lai in August last year. I didn’t turn up for the dialogue session last year because it was held on 30th August, which fell on Merdeka Eve day. Who’s gonna drive in a jam to Subang Chaters Cafe just to have a chat?

Last week, I received an email from TMNet again. It was from the Public Relations Manager. TMNet’s Public Relations Manager would like to help TMNet’s user who have problems and to try to solve their problems. She requested contact details for users who were having TMNet Streamyx problems. If you think she can help, or you hope she can help you, email her!

I have already made a complain to her relating to TMNet’s Netmyne data centre in Brickfields which does not have a 24/7 support. And the cooling system is bad, creating over-heating to my server and it sometimes hang and does not work, causing downtime too.

I wonder will this help? As I always say, it’s the attitude problem with some TMNet staff. I have complained about the cooling system in TMNet Netmyne Data Centre in Brickfields since July 2005 but they always say ‘next month will install more airconds’. But until today, which is April 2006, they still haven’t added any new airconds yet.

Countless phone complaints and email complaints have been given to them. They still treat me like an idiot, which is by not responding to the issue and not getting a reply from them. This is very disappointing. So, don’t you think it’s their attitude problem? TMNet belongs to Telekom Malaysia, few biji (units) aircond also can’t afford? But can afford to expand business in overseas? What a joke!

Countless TMNet complaints here and Google even ranks my blog on top when you search TMNet Netmyne.

So, got complaint? Email to asmaziz##tmnet.com.my, she will try her best to assist you.

p.s: replace “##” to “@”,

TMNet Streamyx Poor Service

I received an email from my reader. He wanted to voice out how poor/bad/terrible TMNet Support center is. This is my help for him, by publishing his email to me.

Again, I am tired of making complain to TMNet too, recently I have problem with TMNet Hotspot, called them, they asked me to restart the router. I told them DHCP problem, cannot assign IP Address to me, they ask me restart router. Then I know the support people is a dumbass, they don’t know what is DHCP, they only thing they know is “restart router”. Wasted my time talking to him and to her(I called 3 times, 3 diffferent people, giving me the same solution). Can you see how lame the support people are?

It’s TMNet Hotspot, how you want me to restart the router? Furthermore a lot of places provide TMNet Hotspot are having the same problem, it’s impposible all the router have the same problem right? If it’s then it shows TMNet use a very very low end and poor quality hardware to cons subscribers money. Why Timenet can provide free wireless but TM can’t? It’s a shame, for a Malaysia giant/premier telco company.

After all, I think it’s staff attitude problem, not company problem. Not all Telekom Malaysia’s staffs have bad attitude, but most of them are.

Since i subscribe streamx, it has been always disconnect…..especially when i am back from work. So what for i pay for the bill since i cant use it when I need it???i subscride stramyx is because of 24hours service… but what i think now, all is just a big lie to all the Malaysian.

Then when i ever i meet the disconnect problem, i called them. But the problem is nobody is picking up the phone. they said their service is 24 hours.But WHY nobody picking up the phone. So, i wondering wether they are sleeping o what!!! So this kind of service they provide to the customer.

After i cant get from the streamyx, so i called up for the dial up 1515. i did that because they are same company, and they get the salary from the same boss. But what i get from them is a rude manner. they js convert my call to the streamyx department which there is nobody picking up the phone. So i straight complain to them and i asked the officer talk to me. So a operator admit her as one of the officer. She told that her name is “Nazami”. But the way she speak to me is very and extreamly rude. she is bang my phone and straight convert to the streamyx department. So i fed up and i called her again. Then she just go on scolded at me. Come on, is this service they given. I am not her husband or boy friend tat i need to stand her. Instead i am a customer, and customer is always right!!!!then i called again another guy picking up the phone, the guy had apologized to me. But what i want now is the girl apologize to me because of her rude and suck manner!!!

I was already sad that day because of the disconnection and i couldnt contact my boy friend in
vietnam. and then i get that suck service. So it is really hurt and make me fed up. So if the girl is not going to apologize to me, i will not stop complaining. i may complain to the media. I know it is useless to complain to the streamyx. But the action should be taken and find the girl to apologize to me.

Actually, before i subscride it, i faced a lot of problem. For example the promotion is totally different from store to store. And what the agent told me that they just lik direct sales. But please Direct sale also has their system. And what a international company- TMNET is so unsystematic??? So there is a Question mark!!!!

If oneday, i really need the tmnet service, may be i been lock by somebody in my house, i want to seek help by usiing tmnet. What i can tell is i surely will be DIE!!!

So i think this is the kind of service they given !!!