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A Very Fark Up TMNet

After 14 workings day, still /dev/null update from TM/TMNet. People in Telekom is basically Tai-Chi master, when I called TMNet, they ask me call TM, when I called TM, they ask me call 1300. So when I called 1300, they ask me call TM Activation which is +603-26870111, and this line is busy like hell, is like taking long queue to hell, and waiting for special prosecution.

After the 14 workings days, I thought I found some hope when I called TM Activation, they were being very nice, told me will update/escalate with TM, and get back to me in 24 hours, and added with some hoping message to me, they said

“If you can’t see your DSL light tomorrow, please call us.”.

Oh! Finally, finally there is someone give me a little bit bit hope. Since the 14 working days, everyday i got home, I call them and “update” them,

“Hi, my DSL light is still /dev/null.”

And this time, they give me little more hope by saying,

“Sir, we will make this very urgent, your jumper is not done yet, we will escalate to TM urgently. If you don’t see the light tomorrow, please call us…”

Ok, I continue doing that until yesterday night, which really farking pissed me off the hill. I called them again,

“My DSL light still NOTHING at all.”

So they give me the same farking reply, let me copy and paste it right now,

“Sir, we will make this very urgent, your jumper is not done yet, we will escalate to TM urgently”.

This time I cannot tahan,

“What the fark, every farking time I called you guys, give me the same farking advice, what the fark are you guys doing? How many time you want me to call? Everyday say the same farking things to me, did you guys write it down? Please read the report I made yesterday!”

So this time, this is the really pissed me off to the max!, The fellow said,

“Yes, we did record your report”

I said,

“Read it loud now what report I made yesterday..”

The fellow,

“You… errr…..” tut……. tut…….. tut……… tut….. (The phone hang up)

Yes, that mother farking hung up my call! I wonder how TM or TMNet can be awarded as Best Internet Service Provider in Asia. And it’s now 18 Working Days, my TM Net Streamyx is still farking dead. So this morning I went to TM Point, give them a big hug and thank you for providing such wonderful experience to me.

I terminated my land line phone and TM Net Streamyx this morning!

So how do I online right now? It’s HuaWei E220 3G card with Maxis 3G, although it’s more expensive than streamyx, I am willing to pay as long as I get what I want. Right now, I am extremely disappointed with TM services! Best Internet Service Provider huh? Ya ya.. fark it. Read my blog and see how many complains and people suffer from their services.

TMNET - Malaysia ISP

Tips and Tricks Calling To TM Net Streamyx Call Center

My streamyx was down again this morning until now. Calling to TM Net Call Center is pain in the ass. Because they will ask you silly questions and make you sound stupid. I found out the best way to communicate with their customer agent.

But first and foremost, you got to determine what is your TM Nut Streamyx’s error message with manual connection. What the hell is manual connection? Manual connection, according to TM Nut customer agent, it means connect Streamyx with your laptop/pc with PPPoE connection setup, NOT using router. Because router doesn’t shows you error message.

The example shown below only works with original/pirate Microsoft Windows XP SP2 license. Let’s start step by step;

Okay, remember the error message, 676 678 or bla bla bla… Now, try your luck making calls to 1300 88 9515, hopefully their customer agent would available to pick up your call. If yes, start your conversation something like this,

“Hello, I am a “network engineer” calling from, one of the most popular blog in Malaysia. My couldn’t connect my RM88 ringgit Streamyx since early morning. The DSL light is not blinking like the star in the sky, it’s permanently lighten up with beautiful green LED color. I have tried to connect it with manual connect, and it returns error message 678, may I know what is the problem?……”

  • If you mentioned “network engineer”, they will not ask dumb dumb questions like is the network card plugged in? is the cable connected to machine and etc.
  • If you mentioned RM88, means you are calculative and you see RM88 like RM8888. Let them know you are very poor.
  • Let them know DSL status light is very important.
  • Let them know the error message, so they can report to 2nd level support engineer.

So? Happy calling to TMNut Call Center. All rights not reserved. It’s under GPL license. And my fucking TMNet Streamyx is disconnected again, luckily I copy all before click on Publish!

TMNET - Malaysia ISP

TMNet Streamyx Online Petition

Visit and sign if you are not satisfied with TMNut Streamyx services. It doesn’t help much when you sign it, but research show it can make you happy to release your tensions toward bad TM’s bad services.

Visit the website and prove TMNet Streamyx services is bad like hell.

By the way, I am happy because I just downgraded my TMNut Streamyx and cancelled stupid Hotspot wireless during weekend.

Now I save RM38/month. Which i save up to RM456/year, and RM456 can be donated for charity instead donate to TMNet. Even throwing it into river could make me a happy man.

TMNET - Malaysia ISP

Paul Ooi is TM Net Complaint Ambassador

This evening I got an email from a sender. I feel odd when I saw the recipient email addresses are TM Net customer care, Utusan, TV3, Berita Harian, TM Net’s CEO and PAUL OOI.

This is not the first I received such complaint email and CCed into me. I guess my kawan here want to share some suckie TM Net services, express his unsatisfied feeling to TM Net and share with our fellow Malaysian’s streamyx users or streamyx wanna be user.

Kawan Azizi, kecewaan pada perkhidmatan TM Net adalah biasa kepada pengguna Streamyx. Ini hanya permulaan, bila kawan mula guna perkhidmatan Streamyx, kawan akan mula kecewa dengan internet yang “sangat laju” ini. Ia laju sampai you tidak akan percaya. Cuba layar, ia hanya guna 45 saat untuk buka muka suratnya..

Laju tak? Suka tak? Inilah TM, Merintis Kecewaan Rakyat Malaysia. Saya langgan 1mbps tapi maksimum hanya dapat 65kBps, TM Net ini kononkan? Biasa la kawan… Ini Telekom, dia sudah monopoli kat tanah air kita.


Saya adalah salah seorang pelanggan TM Net Streamyx yang telah mengisi borang permohonan pada 4hb Disember 2006 di Ibusawat Telekom Bandar Jengka. Diselia oleh En Hassan Bin Him yg telah melayan permohonan saya. Setelah mengisi borang permohonan Streamyx tersebut saya bertanyakan tempoh untuk saya mendapat perkhidmatan Streamyx tersebut. Menurutnya kurang dari seminggu dan peralatan seperti modem boleh dihantar atau diambil sendiri.

Saya membuat keputusan untuk mengambil sendiri peralatan tersebut dan En. Hassan mengatakan bahawa akan menghubungi saya setelah urusan itu berjalan. Malangnya setelah saya memeriksa status permohonan Streamyx saya melalui SMS yang menunjukkan bahawa permohonan saya telah pon diterima pada 6hb Disember 2006 saya sendiri mengambil inisiatif menghubungi En. Hassan untuk bertanyakan peralatan Streamyx saya. Menurutnya mereka yang bertugas tidak ada dan minta saya bersabar dan akan menghubungi saya kelak.

Setelah menunggu selama 6 hari akhirnya pada 12hb Disember 2006 saya sekali lagi menghubungi En. Hassan bertanyakan soalan yang sama. Namun apa yang saya dapat adalah no telefon pegawai telekom dari kuantan yang bernama En Bala yang menurutnya menguruskan pemasangan Streamyx saya. Lantas saya terus menghubungi En Bala tersebut bertanyakan status pemasangan Streamyx saya.Info yg diberikan adalah amat mengembirakan, pemasangan akan dibuat oleh kontraktor pada keesokan hari dan kontraktor tersebut akan menghubungi saya. Memandangkan tiada sebarang berita atau panggilan yg saya dapat akhirnya saya sendiri sekali lagi membuat panggilan pada 15hb Disember 2006. Malangnya En Bala bercuti dan saya diberikan no bimbitnya untuk dihubungi memandangkan tiada siapa pun yg dapat membantu saya setelah saya mengajukan tentang siapa yg boleh memberikan saya jawapan selain En Bala.

Lantas saya menghubungi En Bala dengan segera bertanyakan status permohonan saya tetapi hampa saya hanya diminta menghubungi Pn Nor dibahagian Jualan untuk mendapatkan kepastian. Tanpa berlengah lagi saya terus mendail dan bertanyakan tentang pemasangan Streamyx saya. Tetapi keadaan yg sama juga berulang,saya diberikan no kontraktor yg akan memasang Streamyx saya iaitu En Khairul Azmi tetapi menurut Pn Nor pemasangan akan dibuat pada hari tersebut iaitu 15hb Disember 2006 oleh kontraktor. Pn Nor meminta saya menghubungi kontraktor tersebut untuk bertanyakan tentang pemasangan Streamyx saya. Juga,saya menghubungi kontraktor tersebut untuk mengesahkan pemasangan streamyx saya pada 15hb Disember 2006. Bertambah-tambah malang lagi, menurut kontraktor tersebut ada 3 pemasangan di Jengka termasuk saya yg sepatutnya dibuat pada 15hb tersebut tetapi memandangkan pelanggan di Jengka yang lain meminta penangguhan maka pemasangan saya juga ditangguhkan sekali!. Apabila ditanyakan bila pemasangan akan dibuat kontraktor memaklumkan MUNGKIN pada 18hb atau 19hb Disember ini.

Pemohonan dan pemasangan sahaja sudah mengambil masa hampir 3 minggu! itu belum pun aktifkan Streamyx lagi. Saya cukup terkilan dan kecewa dengan perkhidmatan yang saya terima. Bilakah perkhidmatan awam kita akan maju jikalau sikap sebegini masih ada dikalangan org kita sedangkan syarikat komunikasi swasta yg lain amat mementingkan dan menjaga pelanggan mereka? Jawapannya adalah tidak mungkin dengan perkhidmatan yang sebegini…..

TMNET - Malaysia ISP

All The Best Michael Lai, Former TMNet CEO

Well, I might be too late to dedicate message to former TMNet CEO, Mr Michael Lai. Rumor has been spreading in Septermber 2006 that Mike is going to leave TMNet.

When I first heard of that, I think that Michael has made the right decision to leave, in fact, it’s a very good decision he made to leave. Or else, all his juicy talents are waste in the poorly managed premier ISP company in Boleh land. I don’t think the top management appreciate Michael’s efforts, having the meet up with TMNut Broadband’s users, listen to their comments, suggestions and critics.

As I said earlier, in many many posts related to TM big Nut. It’s wasting time to meet bloggers, broadband users to discuss about the Broadband services issues offered by TMNet. It’s the cultures, the attitude problem in the company, if you want to change and make the users happy, first; Change the Staff Attitude.

Every consumer in any single corner of the world, what they want, is very simple; How Much I Pay for My Subscriptions, I Shall Get What I Deserved. Am I right? No matter how many million meet ups TM has made up with bloggers/subscribers, it won’t help. For me, it’s kind of stupid act, so I never turn up to the meet up. Wasting my time and petrol money.

Until now, I pay RM88/month for the giant ISP company in Boleh Land, my speed is still stuck at 50kBps-75kBps. I subscribed a 1mbps broadbanb, but I get less than that speed. I feel cheated, and I also feel tired continue complain it.

We live in this Boleh Land/Stupid Land, nothing we can do or change, because that monopolize ISP always have the very bad attitude which I really don’t like it. “Use it if you like, leave it if you don’t”.

At last, Mr Michael Lai, all the best to you, you have made the right move, you have all my support and blessing in your future undertaking, amitabha.

And clap your hands, welcome the new TMNut CEO – Zainab Hashim.

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Nothing to give you for the very first time greet. Here with my custom made TMNut’s logo.